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Super Robot Wars F Codebreaker Codes (NTSC-J)

This page contains CodeBreaker cheat codes for Super Robot Wars F (NTSC-J) for the Playstation 1. Depending on if you're playing this game on a physical console or an emulator will determine how you use the codes found on this page. People using a physical console will need to purchase a physical CodeBreaker device to use the codes.

Anyone who is using an Emulator will have a much easier time getting these codes to work (assuming your Emulator supports them). One of the most popular Emulators for the Ps1 is ePSXe and if you'd like to learn how to use the codes on this page for that Emulator, check out my how to get cheat codes to work with ePSXe guide. If you don't see the code you want on this page I recommend you return to my Super Robot Wars F Guides Index and choose a different section.


Robot Modifier Codes


Can Choose All Demo: 801476F2 8000

Level Up Each Attack: 8007C77A A4A0

Use Special Weapons: 8019BAFE FFFF

Move Far: 30199F50 000F


Infinite Money

8019BA6A 967F
8019BA6C 0098


Open All Gallery (Caetla Only)

B02C0002 00000000
801476B8 FFFF


Open All Gallery

801476B8 FFFF
801476BA FFFF
801476BC FFFF
801476BE FFFF
801476C0 FFFF
801476C2 FFFF
801476C4 FFFF
801476C6 FFFF
801476C8 FFFF
801476CA FFFF
801476CC FFFF
801476CE FFFF
801476D0 FFFF
801476D2 FFFF
801476D4 FFFF
801476D6 FFFF
801476D8 FFFF
801476DA FFFF
801476DC FFFF
801476DE FFFF


Open Character's Story 100% (Caetla Only)

B02C0002 00000000
80147678 FFFF


Infinite Hp

80095A80 2800
80095A82 0800
80095A84 0000
80095A86 0000
8000A000 0002
8000A002 9046
8000A004 0001
8000A006 2407
8000A008 0003
8000A00A 10C7
8000A010 0016
8000A012 A443
8000A014 8014
8000A016 3C02
8000A018 56A2
8000A01A 0802


Infinite En (Caetla Only)

B040000C 00000000
8019A55E 00FF


Infinite En

8009290A 9462
80095B1E 9482
80078776 9043
80080B3A 9464


All Supp. Items

8019BB36 0909
8019BB38 0909
8019BB3A 0909
8019BB3C 0909
8019BB3E 0909
8019BB40 0909
8019BB42 0909
8019BB44 0909
8019BB45 0909
8019BB48 0909
8019BB4A 0909


No. Of Robot Modifier In Each Stage (Press Square+L2)

D014569A 7EFF
301454B1 00??
D014569A 7EFF
301454B1 00??


Level 99

8007C040 0001
8007C042 2464
D014569A 7FFF
8007C040 0000
D014569A 7FFF
8007C042 0000
8007BF08 0063
8007BF0A 2402
8007BD74 0063
8007BD76 2402
8007BFEC 0063
8007C038 0063
8007C74C 0063


Max Exp For All Character (Caetla Only)

B040000C 00000000
8019A558 0000


Max Exp For All Character

8019A558 0000
8019A564 0000
8019A570 0000
8019A57C 0000
8019A588 0000
8019A594 0000
8019A5A0 0000
8019A5AC 0000
8019A5B8 0000
8019A5C4 0000
8019A5D0 0000
8019A5DC 0000
8019A5E8 0000
8019A5F4 0000
8019A600 0000
8019A60C 0000
8019A618 0000
8019A624 0000
8019A630 0000
8019A63C 0000
8019A648 0000
8019A654 0000
8019A660 0000
8019A66C 0000
8019A678 0000
8019A684 0000
8019A690 0000
8019A69C 0000
8019A6A8 0000
8019A6B4 0000
8019A6C0 0000
8019A6CC 0000
8019A6D8 0000
8019A6E4 0000
8019A6F0 0000
8019A6FC 0000
8019A708 0000
8019A714 0000
8019A720 0000
8019A72C 0000
8019A738 0000
8019A744 0000
8019A750 0000
8019A75C 0000
8019A768 0000
8019A774 0000
8019A780 0000
8019A78C 0000
8019A798 0000
8019A7A4 0000
8019A7B0 0000
8019A7BC 0000
8019A7C8 0000
8019A7D4 0000
8019A7E0 0000
8019A7EC 0000
8019A7F8 0000
8019A804 0000
8019A810 0000
8019A81C 0000
8019A828 0000
8019A834 0000
8019A840 0000
8019A84C 0000
8019A858 0000


Max Sp (Caetla Only)

B040000C 00000000
8019A55E 00FA


Max Sp

8019A55E 00FA
8019A56A 00FA
8019A576 00FA
8019A582 00FA
8019A58E 00FA
8019A59A 00FA
8019A5A6 00FA
8019A5B2 00FA
8019A5BE 00FA
8019A5CA 00FA
8019A5D6 00FA
8019A5E2 00FA
8019A5EE 00FA
8019A5FA 00FA
8019A606 00FA
8019A612 00FA
8019A61E 00FA
8019A62A 00FA
8019A636 00FA
8019A642 00FA
8019A64E 00FA
8019A65A 00FA
8019A666 00FA
8019A672 00FA
8019A67E 00FA
8019A68A 00FA
8019A696 00FA
8019A6A2 00FA
8019A6AE 00FA
8019A6BA 00FA
8019A6C6 00FA
8019A6D2 00FA
8019A6DE 00FA
8019A6EA 00FA
8019A6F6 00FA
8019A702 00FA
8019A70E 00FA
8019A71A 00FA
8019A726 00FA
8019A732 00FA
8019A73E 00FA
8019A74A 00FA
8019A756 00FA
8019A762 00FA
8019A76E 00FA
8019A77A 00FA
8019A786 00FA
8019A792 00FA
8019A79E 00FA
8019A7AA 00FA
8019A7B6 00FA
8019A7C2 00FA
8019A7CE 00FA
8019A7DA 00FA
8019A7E6 00FA
8019A7F2 00FA
8019A7FE 00FA
8019A80A 00FA
8019A816 00FA
8019A822 00FA
8019A82E 00FA
8019A83A 00FA
8019A846 00FA
8019A852 00FA
8019A85E 00FA
8019A86A 00FA
8019A876 00FA
8019A882 00FA
8019A88E 00FA
8019A89A 00FA
8019A8A6 00FA
8019A8B2 00FA
8019A8BE 00FA
8019A8CA 00FA
8019A8D6 00FA
8019A8E2 00FA
8019A8EE 00FA
8019A8FA 00FA
8019A906 00FA
8019A912 00FA


Hp, En Status Max (Press Square & R2 On Up Grade Screen)

D014569A 7DFF
30199F2F 00A0
D014569A 7DFF
80199F30 FFFF


Alway's Move (Infinite-Caetla Only)

B0300010 00000000
3019A0BB 0020