Dream Weavers - Haunted Towers

Haunted Towers Second Door on Left

Are you missing the final Dragon Statue and some gems on the Haunted Towers level? Can you hear the dragon rattling around by the super jump ramp? Ok, ok, here's what we need to do in order to obtain it, first you're going to want to go to the top of the super jump ramp because this is where the 'puzzle' starts.

Run down the super jump ramp at full speed and through the two doorways so that you end up in the room that had/has all of the sealed doors and many exits. Take the second exit on the left, shown in my screen shot above to the outside area, make an immediate left and jump towards the platform. Run up the stone walk way and use that ramp nearby the sparkly portal, shown in my screen shot below to launch yourself across the gap.

Haunted Towers Stone RampHaunted Towers Platform to Aim

When you take off from this stone ramp you'll want to break the super jump at the highest point and begin gliding to make sure you make the island. The third and final Dragon Statue on this level is nearby - I highly recommend you save at this Dragon Statue because if you mess up the next part of the puzzle the only way to reset it is by loading the save game or restarting the level.

Basically what you need to do is run up the ramp with all of the inanimate armor statues before they have a chance to animate. A screen shot of what I am talking about is found just below.

Haunted Towers Armor Ramp

In order to do this you have to be extremely quick, you're going to have to charge on Spyro at every opportunity you get and do a perfect glide across the gap. At the top of the stairs in the room you'll find a wizard to defeat and a fairy that will kiss you and give you super charged flame. This allows you to clear the stair well and break the chest outside.