Beast Makers - Tree Tops

Tree Tops Start Ramp

In order to reach the red guy holding the gem at the end of the Tree Tops level and to 100% the level you will need to take full advantage of the Super Super Jump? Technique. To start what you want to do is go to the ramp you see in the screen shot above. There is a dragon spot here that you can Save at, I recommend you do so since we may be resetting once or twice as you learn the level... Or if you're on an emulator use a save state.

Now, to start, run down this ramp and build up a super jump like normal. Instead of jumping straight ahead jerk Spyro to the right and aim for the platform you see in my screen shot below. Don't break your super jump to glide, hold your charge button and you'll keep your super jump powers, you'll make the jump easily.

Tree Tops Spot to Aim
Aim for the ramp below Spyro in my screen shot.

When you land follow the ramp all the way around the tree and jump off at the end to the platform straight ahead of you. We're back at the final super jump platform, just before the Return Home portal where the the guy holding the gem is at. Defeat him and collect the goodies.

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Tree Tops - Third Dragon Statue

Tree Tops Third Dragon Statue

In order for you to reach the third and final Dragon Statue on the Tree Tops level you will need to find the same super jump ramp that is shown in my screen shot above. This is our starting point. At the end of this super jump ramp, to the left, you'll see a small isolated island. This is where the final Dragon Statue is but getting here is a different story entirely.

Take the first super jump ramp straight across to the island in front of you. Don't stop super jumping and don't break the super jump to glide. From this island you're going to want to jump across to the island on the right with another super jump ramp. This place is shown in my screen shot below.

Tree Tops Super Jumping

At the end of this ramp aim Spyro to the right and aim for the other nearby super jump ramp. Run up this one and jump off, aiming for the small walk way on the original island where we started at. This walkway takes you right across the first super jump and aims you at the final island with the Dragon Statue.

Don't aim for the island itself, but instead aim for the portal that is next to the island (shown in my screen shot below). This portal will lift Spyro up and point him back towards the original island we started on. Instead of gliding back to that island, turn around mid air and land on the island with the Dragon Statue.

Tree Tops Portal to Aim for