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Rampage Through Time - Level Specific Codebreaker Codes (NTSC-U)

This page contains CodeBreaker cheat codes for Rampage Through Time (NTSC-U) for the Playstation 1. Depending on if you're playing this game on a physical console or an emulator will determine how you use the codes found on this page. People using a physical console will need to purchase a physical CodeBreaker device to use the codes.

Anyone who is using an Emulator will have a much easier time getting these codes to work (assuming your Emulator supports them). One of the most popular Emulators for the Ps1 is ePSXe and if you'd like to learn how to use the codes on this page for that Emulator, check out my how to get cheat codes to work with ePSXe guide. If you don't see the code you want on this page I recommend you return to my Rampage Through Time Codebreaker Codes and choose a different section.


(Oldwest - Shootout) P1 Instant Win: 80092A10 0046

(Oldwest - Shootout) P1 Never Scores: 80092A10 0000

(Oldwest - Shootout) P1 Never Reload: 80092A12 0006

(Oldwest - Shootout) P2 Instant Win: 80092A40 0046

(Oldwest - Shootout) P2 Never Scores: 80092A40 0000

(Oldwest - Shootout) P2 Never Reload: 80092A42 0006

(Oldwest - Shootout) P3 Instant Win: 80092A70 0046

(Oldwest - Shootout) P3 Never Scores: 80092A70 0000

(Oldwest - Shootout) P3 Never Reload: 80092A72 0006

(Neo Japan - Space Skirmish) P1 Instant Win: 80092CC2 0032

(Neo Japan - Space Skirmish) P1 Never Scores: 80092CC2 0000

(Neo Japan - Space Skirmish) P2 Instant Win: 80092CFE 0032

(Neo Japan - Space Skirmish) P2 Never Scores: 80092CFE 0000

(Neo Japan - Space Skirmish) P3 Instant Win: 80092D3A 0032

(Neo Japan - Space Skirmish) P3 Never Scores: 80092D3A 0000

(Alien - Black Hole) P1 Max Score: 80093002 0063

(Alien - Black Hole) P1 No Score: 80093002 0000

(Alien - Black Hole) P2 Max Score: 80093036 0063

(Alien - Black Hole) P2 No Score: 80093036 0000

(Alien - Black Hole) P3 Max Score: 8009306A 0063

(Alien - Black Hole) P3 No Score: 8009306A 0000

(Alien - Black Hole) Time Over Quick: 800930A4 0000

(China - Chinese Dragons) P1 Quick Win: 80092B08 000A

(China - Chinese Dragons) P1 No Score: 80092B08 0000

(China - Chinese Dragons) P2 Quick Win: 8009301C 000A

(China - Chinese Dragons) P2 No Score: 8009301C 0000

(China - Chinese Dragons) P3 Quick Win: 80093530 000A

(China - Chinese Dragons) P3 No Score: 80093530 0000

(Gangster - Gangster Fight) P1 Quick Win: 80093086 000A

(Gangster - Gangster Fight) P1 No Score: 80093086 0000

(Gangster - Gangster Fight) P2 Quick Win: 8009309E 000A

(Gangster - Gangster Fight) P2 No Score: 8009309E 0000

(Gangster - Gangster Fight) P3 Quick Win: 800930B6 000A

(Gangster - Gangster Fight) P3 No Score: 800930B6 0000

(Renaissance - Il Snako) P1 Quick Win: 80093310 000A

(Renaissance - Il Snako) P1 No Score: 80093310 0000

(Renaissance - Il Snako) P2 Quick Win: 80093828 000A

(Renaissance - Il Snako) P2 No Score: 80093828 0000

(Renaissance - Il Snako) P3 Quick Win: 80093D40 000A

(Renaissance - Il Snako) P3 No Score: 80093D40 0000

(Dickins - Street Battle) P1 Quick Win: 800928AE 000F

(Dickins - Street Battle) P1 No Score: 800928AE 0000

(Dickins - Street Battle) P2 Quick Win: 800928C6 000F

(Dickins - Street Battle) P2 No Score: 800928C6 0000

(Dickins - Street Battle) P3 Quick Win: 800928DE 000F

(Dickins - Street Battle) P3 No Score: 800928DE 0000

(Eskimo - Ice Smash) P1 Quick Win: 80092D7E 000A

(Eskimo - Ice Smash) P1 No Score: 80092D7E 0000

(Eskimo - Ice Smash) P2 Quick Win: 80092DAA 000A

(Eskimo - Ice Smash) P2 No Score: 80092DAA 0000

(Eskimo - Ice Smash) P3 Quick Win: 80092DD6 000A

(Eskimo - Ice Smash) P3 No Score: 80092DD6 0000

(Pirates - Pirate Treasure) P1 Quick Win: 80093548 000F

(Pirates - Pirate Treasure) P1 No Score: 80093548 0000

(Pirates - Pirate Treasure) P2 Quick Win: 80093568 000F

(Pirates - Pirate Treasure) P2 No Score: 80093568 0000

(Pirates - Pirate Treasure) P3 Quick Win: 80093588 000F

(Pirates - Pirate Treasure) P3 No Score: 80093588 0000

(Egypt - Egyptian Stones) P1 Quick Win: 8009437E 0032

(Egypt - Egyptian Stones) P1 No Score: 8009437E 0000

(Egypt - Egyptian Stones) P2 Quick Win: 800943AA 0032

(Egypt - Egyptian Stones) P2 No Score: 800943AA 0000

(Egypt - Egyptian Stones) P3 Quick Win: 800943D6 0032

(Egypt - Egyptian Stones) P3 No Score: 800943D6 0000

(Atlantis - Scuba Fight) P1 Quick Win: 80092598 0019

(Atlantis - Scuba Fight) P1 No Score: 80092598 0000

(Atlantis - Scuba Fight) P2 Quick Win: 800925AC 0019

(Atlantis - Scuba Fight) P2 No Score: 800925AC 0000

(Atlantis - Scuba Fight) P3 Quick Win: 800925C0 0019

(Atlantis - Scuba Fight) P3 No Score: 800925C0 0000

(Greece - Arkopolis) P1 Max Score: 800924B8 07FF

(Greece - Arkopolis) P1 No Score: 800924B8 0000

(Greece - Arkopolis) P2 Max Score: 800924DC 07FF

(Greece - Arkopolis) P2 No Score: 800924DC 0000

(Greece - Arkopolis) P3 Max Score: 80092500 07FF

(Greece - Arkopolis) P3 No Score: 80092500 0000

(Colonial - Colonial Boats) P1 Quick Win: 80092D60 0019

(Colonial - Colonial Boats) P1 No Score: 80092D60 0000

(Colonial - Colonial Boats) P2 Quick Win: 80092D80 0019

(Colonial - Colonial Boats) P2 No Score: 80092D80 0000

(Colonial - Colonial Boats) P3 Quick Win: 80092DA0 0019

(Colonial - Colonial Boats) P3 No Score: 80092DA0 0000

(War Zone - Air Aces) P1 Quick Win: 80092BF0 0028

(War Zone - Air Aces) P1 No Score: 80092BF0 0000

(War Zone - Air Aces) P2 Quick Win: 80092C00 0028

(War Zone - Air Aces) P2 No Score: 80092C00 0000

(War Zone - Air Aces) P3 Quick Win: 80092C10 0028

(War Zone - Air Aces) P3 No Score: 80092C10 0000