Pac-Man World CodeBreaker/Gameshark Codes (NTSC-U)

This page contains CodeBreaker/Gameshark cheat codes for Pac-Man World for the Playstation 1. Depending on if you're playing this game on a physical console or an emulator will determine how you use the codes found on this page. People using a physical console will need to purchase a physical CodeBreaker/Gameshark device to use the codes.

Anyone who is using an Emulator will have a much easier time getting these codes to work (assuming your Emulator supports them). One of the most popular Emulators for the Ps1 is ePSXe and if you'd like to learn how to use the codes on this page for that Emulator, check out my how to get cheat codes to work with ePSXe guide.


Have 100 Melons On Pickup: 80153E22 0063

Have 100 Lemons On Pickup: 80153E24 0063

Have 100 Peaches On Pickup: 80153E1C 0063

Have 100 Bells On Pickup: 80153E28 0063

Have 100 Galaxians On Pickup: 80153E26 0063

Have 100 Keys On Pickup: 80153E2E 0063

Pirate Level 1 Unlocked: 80153E84 00FF

Pirate Level 2 Unlocked: 80153E78 00FF

Pirate Level 3 Unlocked: 80153E7C 00FF

Pirate Level 4 Unlocked: 80153E80 00FF

Ruins Level 1 Unlocked: 80153E68 00FF

Ruins Level 2 Unlocked: 80153E6C 00FF

Ruins Level 3 Unlocked: 80153E74 00FF

Space Level 1 Unlocked: 80153CE8 00FF

Space Level 2 Unlocked: 80153CEC 00FF

Space Level 3 Unlocked: 80153CF0 00FF

Space Level 4 Unlocked: 80153CF4 00FF

Funhouse Level 1 Unlocked: 80153CF8 00FF

Funhouse Level 2 Unlocked: 80153CFC 00FF

Funhouse Level 3 Unlocked: 80153D00 00FF

Funhouse Level 4 Unlocked: 80153D04 00FF

Factory Level 1 Unlocked: 80153D14 00FF

Factory Level 2 Unlocked: 80153D18 00FF

Factory Level 3 Unlocked: 80153D1C 00FF

Factory Level 4 Unlocked: 80153D20 00FF

Mansion Level 1 Unlocked: 80153D08 00FF

Mansion Level 2 Unlocked: 80153D0C 00FF

Mansion Level 3 Unlocked: 80153D10 00FF

Have Pirate #1 Complete: 80153DA2 00FF

Have Pirate #2 Complete: 80153DA4 00FF

Have Pirate #3 Complete: 80153DA6 00FF

Have Pirate #4Complete: 80153DA8 00FF

Have Pirate #5 Complete: 80153DAA 00FF

Have Pirate #6 Complete: 80153DAC 00FF

Have Ruins #1 Complete: 80153DAE 00FF

Have Ruins #2 Complete: 80153DB0 00FF

Have Ruins #3 Complete: 80153DB2 00FF

Have Ruins #4 Complete: 80153DB4 00FF

Have Ruins #5 Complete: 80153DB6 00FF

Have Ruins #6 Complete: 80153DB8 00FF

Have Space #1 Complete: 80153DBA 00FF

Have Space #2 Complete: 80153DBC 00FF

Have Space #3 Complete: 80153DBE 00FF

Have Space #4 Complete: 80153DC0 00FF

Have Space #5 Complete: 80153DC2 00FF

Have Space #6 Complete: 80153DC4 00FF

Have Funhouse #1 Complete: 80153DC6 00FF

Have Funhouse #2 Complete: 80153DC8 00FF

Have Funhouse #3 Complete: 80153DCA 00FF

Have Funhouse #4 Complete: 80153DCC 00FF

Have Funhouse #5 Complete: 80153DCE 00FF

Have Funhouse #6 Complete: 80153DD0 00FF

Have Factory #1 Complete: 80153DD2 00FF

Have Factory #2 Complete: 80153DD4 00FF

Have Factory #3 Complete: 80153DD6 00FF

Have Factory #4 Complete: 80153DD8 00FF

Have Factory #5 Complete: 80153D26 00FF

Have Factory #6 Complete: 80153D28 00FF

Have Mansion #1 Complete: 80153D2A 00FF

Have Mansion #2 Complete: 80153D2C 00FF

Have Mansion #3 Complete: 80153D2E 00FF

Have Mansion #4 Complete: 80153D30 00FF

Have Mansion #5 Complete: 80153D32 00FF

Have Mansion #6 Complete: 80153D34 00FF


Gallery Open and All Mazes Complete

50000802 0000
80153D26 00FF
50001C02 0000
80153DA2 00FF