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How to Unlock Ducken Guide

Cup of Jelly Diamond mark

Getting the Ducken Doll is a long and laborious process, albeit quite an easy one. What you need to do first is feed your animal Cup Jelly every month until you get a total of 5 Diamond Marks. This part shouldn't take too long, I did it in about 8 months. Colt will send in for the Fun Can after you collect all 5 and they'll send you a Ducken Doll to put together.

Your Monster will want the Doll, you can give it to him or keep it to sell - it doesn't matter which you do for this quest. After you finish this task you'll now be able to collect Super Glue, a unique item from the Torles Monster Adventure. The Super Glue is found near the entrance of the Torles Adventure, there's a little cubby with a few trees in it next to each other, the Super Glue is found here.

Warning: Once you find the Super Glue it becomes a permanent part of your inventory. Using it does not consume it and you can not sell it or get rid of it. Only pick the Super Glue up if you're completely ok with being able to carry 1 less item for the rest of the game.

Assemble Ducken DollSuper Glue Found

After you find the Super Glue you'll need to repeat the same task that started this entire side quest, collecting five Diamond Marks from the Cup of Jelly. This time once you've collected all 5 Colt will use the Super Glue and you'll be rewarded with another wooden duck statue. Colt will piece it together then tell you to use the new statue as a secret seasoning when combining monsters.

Ducken Doll Secret Seasoning

That's all there is to it! Once you use the statue as secret seasoning you'll unlock Ducken. Also any discs you use that would normally unlock a Ducken will now work as they should.

Ducken Monster Acquired