How to Unlock Doodle - Monster Rancher 1

Doodle Monster

The process of unlocking a Doodle in Monster Rancher is pretty straight forward and easy. In my opinion the hardest part of this process is obtaining a Monol/Monol monster but thankfully we have an easy trick to do just that. There is a website for the Monster Rancher series called Legend Cup which has a page called Make-A-Monster where you can essentially make a CD with the monster data you want.

If you're using an emulator like I am then you can make the .cue and .bin files required to get a Monol/Monol then switch to them when "Switching Discs" using the Emulator. For those of you who aren't computer savvy this may be a bit difficult to figure out but it shouldn't be that difficult considering you already figured out how to get the Emulator working and this game.

Anyone not using an Emulator and instead using a physical disc/device to play the game - you'll have to burn a CD using files from this website which is a bit more convoluted but still possible. The website has a tutorial and links to software that can help you do that! Make sure you virus scan the software and be smart about it too.

Without this method of obtaining a Monol/Monol your only other option is to use a CD that will grant it or get it through Combining. The same website I mentioned before, Legend Cup, has a page which tells you various CDs you can use to get a Monol/Monol. I've included a list of some of those CDs below:

CDs that give Monol/Monol (Allegedly):

Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen (Ps1)
Bloody Roar (Ps1)
Metal Gear Solid (Disc 1) for Ps1
Point Blank 3 (Ps1)
Diablo 2 PC Play Disc
Legend of Dragoon (Disc 3) for Ps1
Trap Gunner (Ps1)
Resident Evil Director's Cut (Ps1)

Once you've obtained the Monol/Monol monster all that is left is to raise your stats enough to participate in some basic tournaments. I'd recommend raising Power a bit and Defense - you don't have to spend much time doing this as your Monol is already pretty strong. Raise your fame to above 80 then win the E Class tournament so that you advance to D Rank.

Now that you are D Rank simply participate in an E Class tournament again to lose the fame you earned and drop below 65 fame. When you return to the Ranch you'll see that your Monol has scribbles all over it, at this point in time your Monol is now a Scribble - but you still have to combine it with another monster to get the Doodle.

Monol with Scribbles On it

It doesn't matter what monster you use for the Combine process, my recommendation would be to use a physical damage dealing monster since the Doodle deals mostly physical damage.


How to unlock Doodle:

1. Raise a Monol/Monol monster's fame to over 80
2. Participate in a low level tournament to drop fame to below 65
3. When you return to the ranch your Monol will have graffiti on it
4. Combine your Monol(Scribble) with any monster to obtain a Doodle