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Grand Theft Auto Action Replay Codes (NTSC-U)

This page contains Action Replay cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto (NTSC-U) for the Playstation 1. Depending on if you're playing this game on a physical console or an emulator will determine how you use the codes found on this page. People using a physical console will need to purchase a physical Action Replay device to use the codes.

Anyone who is using an Emulator will have a much easier time getting these codes to work (assuming your Emulator supports them). One of the most popular Emulators for the Ps1 is ePSXe and if you'd like to learn how to use the codes on this page for that Emulator, check out my how to get cheat codes to work with ePSXe guide. If you don't see the code you want on this page I recommend you return to my Grand Theft Auto Guides Index and choose a different section.


Cheat Modifier Codes


RCJC (Pad 1): 70047942 ????

RCJC (Pad 2): 70047A42 ????

Auto Driving Enabled: 8002C448 05BD

Auto Rapid Fire (All Weapons) Press O: 8001A0DB 0000

Missile Hits Don't Send You Flying: 84315016 DD44

Music Off: 343034C4 D088


Unlimited Armor

742DE8AA 795C
842DE8AE 8696



743932F4 48F2
343932F4 C4F2
3434EC96 941E


Always Have Get Out of Jail Free Key

74274CE6 24F2
34274CE7 25F2


Wanted Level At Zero

74220757 83CB
04220751 83CF


99 Bonus Multiplier (Press R1 & R2 on Pad 2)

742180A4 1FFA
34274F0F 27BA


Flame Thrower Ammo Increase

742DF8C6 59B0
842DF8C6 A63F


Pistol & Rocket Launcher Ammo Increase

742DF8D6 69A0
842DF8D6 964F


Sub Machine Gun Ammo Increase

742DFB2F 56D9
842DFB2F A914


Pistol, Rocket Launcher & Flame Thrower Unlimited Ammo

742DF89E 6968
042DF882 A67A


Sub Machine Gun Unlimited Ammo

742DFB2F 56D9
042DFB27 A91D


Have Infinite Lives

742DF7AB 4A51
042DF7A3 B5A5


Have All Weapons
Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2

742183A5 1DFC
34274F1C 38CD
742183A5 1DFC
84274F1F 36CB
742183A5 1DFC
34274CE0 24F1



743932F4 48F2
843982FA 44F0
7434EC96 181E
84375644 EE1A