How to Change The Direct Trade Rule - FF8 Guide

The worst Trade Rule of them all without a doubt is Direct, this page here is going to tell you explicitly how to get rid of this horrible Trade Rule. You should read over the Triple Triad How to Change Rules Guide that I have if you'd like to learn more about Triple Triad and how to bend it to your will.

I've created this page for anyone who doesn't care enough to learn all of the ins and outs of the Triple Triad Trade Rules and instead just wants to fix this one problem. First and foremost, if you're in the same region as the Queen of Cards then head over to my Queen of Cards Trade Rule Guide instead. The way your regions rules work will be different than what this guide explains.

Now, in order to get rid of Direct - all you have to do is keep challenging someone to a game of Triple Triad and canceling until the Trade Rule degenerates to One. Yes it's that simple and sadly no, all you can get is One by doing this.

It is possible to change a Trade Rule from One to something else but this is where things start getting more complicated. Keep reading if you'd like to know more...

Aside from degeneration there are two other ways to change Trade Rules... Bring the Queen of Cards to that region & change her Trade Rule. Get lucky and have a dominant region's Trade Rule spread to other nearby regions. I can't find much info on this online but here is what I can find...

When you play in a region more often it has a chance of becoming the "dominant" region. When you increase a region's dominance there is a greater likelihood other regions will pick up this regions rules. I've personally not seen this happen before but more than one guide says it can so... I am assuming they're right and I am wrong.




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