Final Fantasy VIII Guides and Walkthroughs




Siren (GF): Draw from Elvoret

X-ATM092: Destroy X-ATM092 before it reaches the town

Battle Meter: Obtain from Cid before boarding the train to Timber

Magical Lamp: Obtain from Cid before boarding the train to Timber

Angelo Recover: Don't teach Rinoa this skill until you're done with Angelo Searching.

Angelo Reverse: Don't teach Rinoa this skill until you're done with Angelo Searching.

Girl Next Door: Grab from Timber Maniacs building before Disc 4

Pet Nametag #1: After completing the Timber portion of the story return there and convince the man outside the Timber Maniacs building to become a journalist. You have to do this before completing Disc 1. Return here after you finish the Missile Base on Disc 2 to get your reward, a Pet Nametag.

Location Displayer: For Tomb of the Unknown King. Purchase it from the soldier outside Caraway's Mansion on Disc 1

Carbuncle (GF): Draw this from Iguion during Disc 1.

Eyes on Me (Journal Entry): When speaking to Raine during the Winhill Flashback at the start of Disc 2 you'll want to ask her about Julia

Pet Nametag #2: Obtain from D-District Prison (Level 2, left cell)

Character Report: Defeat the 300 Gil Card Player in the D-District Prison (Level 10, right cell)

Leviathan (GF): Draw from NORG, a boss in Balamb Garden during Disc 2.

Occult Fan III + Master Fisherman's Quest: You have to complete this quest during your first visit to Fisherman's Horizon. It will give you many unique scenes now and later in the game.

Pandemona (GF): Draw from Fujin in Balamb Town during Disc 2

Cerberus (GF): Defeat Cerberus in Galbadia Garden at the end of Disc 2

Alexander (GF): Draw from Edea at the end of Disc 2

Esthar (1), Esthar (2), Time Compression, The Great Hyne (Journal Entries): Speak with Edea at Edea's House on Disc 3 until you see Adel's name in yellow; also speak with Cid until he stops giving you new dialogue

Girl Next Door/Zone: You can get the Siren Card Zone gives you for the Girl Next Door on Disc 4, if you wish to have as many Key Items as possible at the end of the game - do NOT give Zone this item

Occult Fan IV: Before going to the Lunar Gate on Disc 3, speak with the Presidential Aide near the Esthar Airstation then the other Presidential Aide in the Presidential Palace. Pick up the magazine on the ground that they leave behind, it's Occult Fan IV

PuPu Card: Complete PuPu's Quest

Missed GFs: If you missed any of the Draw GFs throughout the game, your last chance to get any of them is in Ultimecia Castle during Disc 4