Angelo Search Item Farming - FF8 Guide

This guide is going to cover how to setup the method of automated Angelo Search farming. If you'd like more information than this guide provides I recommend you check out the Gamefaqs Guide on Angelo Search Farming. It's an extremely long and confusing guide if this is your first time ever doing it and it makes it sound way more complicated than it is.... but the guide does have a lot of info this one doesn't.

You learn the Angelo Search ability from the Pet Pals Vol 5 book which you can purchase from the Esthar Pet Shop later on during Disc 3. However you won't actually be able to begin Angelo Search Farming until after Rinoa and Angelo are reunited at the memorial near Edea's House. This happens at almost the end of Disc 3.

For the best results with Angelo Search it's highly recommended that you don't do the following prior to Angelo Search Farming:

- Don't get Odin from the Centra Ruins before Disc 4 so that you don't get Gilgamesh

- Don't learn Angelo Reverse

- Don't learn Angelo Recover

If you have Gilgamesh it'll really screw with your Angelo Search Farming since he has a random chance of appearing in any battle. In fact you won't be able to automated Angelo Search farm at all with Gilagamesh, since he'll eventually defeat the enemy you're against.

The reason you don't want to learn Angelo Reverse and Angelo Recover is because they decrease how many times you have the opportunity to perform Angelo Search. There's more information about this on the Gamefaqs guide which I won't go into here so I don't confuse you.

Assuming you know Angelo Search and are ready to get started with the automated Angelo Search Farming, let's talk about exactly how to go about starting this.



How to Setup an Automated Angelo Search Farm

To do an automated Angelo Search farm the first thing you'll want to do is head over to the area in Esthar that you see me standing at above. In this area you'll have a Save Point for easy resetting/saving/loading as well as an abundance of Turtapod enemies as random encounters.

Turtapods are the best enemies for Angelo Search farming because you can use Confuse on them after they go into defense mode and the enemy will never make another action again for the rest of the battle. Before we get started with this though, here's some Junction tips to make this all a whole lot easier.

Angelo Search Farming Junction Tips:

- Make sure at least one character has no magic Junctioned to their STR stat

- Make sure no characters have any status ailment magics junctioned to their attacks

- Make sure your characters are immune to Confuse and Berserk

Basically what you're going to wanna do is defeat any other enemies in the battle except for the Turtapod as quickly as possible. Use your character with no Strength Junctions to deal damage to the Turtapod - it takes a few hits for him to go into defensive mode.

Once the Turtapod goes into defense mode hit him with Confuse and then sit back and let Angelo Search do its thing. A video of this process and a step by step of exactly what you have to do is shown below.