Mideel Area Disc 1 Leveling Location

Mideel Grinding Location

This is a little trick to fight some of the Mideel enemies while still on Disc 1. Anyone who is familiar with Final Fantasy 7 will most likely be familiar with the Mideel Leveling Location on Disc 2. The enemies around Mideel offer you some of the best AP and EXP you can come by outside of the final dungeon.

You can come to this location as soon as you get the Tiny Bronco on Disc 1, it's just a tad bit south of Fort Condor. While on this island you should avoid the dirt parts as well as the beaches, they'll give you different enemies and ones that aren't as good for grinding.

In the grass areas you'll encounter Head Hunters (screen shot below) which are going to be your biggest earners in both EXP and AP. There's also Spiral enemies in this area too which are good but they aren't as profitable as the Head Hunter enemies are.

Mideel Tiny Bronco Area
Mideel Headhunters areaMideel Headhunter Battle Results

These enemies shouldn't be difficult in the least for you to defeat assuming you've collected some enemy skills up to this point. I'd highly recommend using Enemy Skill Beta, Enemy Skill Trine, Enemy Skill Aqualung or Enemy Skill Magic Breath. All of these abilities will almost one shot a group of Head Hunters or Spirals.

Now would also be a really good time for you to work on Limit Breaks for each of your characters. If you don't know how Limit Breaks work, it's pretty simple... The first Limit Break of each tier is learned by the amount of enemies that character has defeated, the second tier of each Limit Break is learned by how many times the first tier Limit Break was used. For more information check out my Limit Breaks Guide.


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