Dazer Farming Guide - FF7 Walkthrough

Bone Village

Dazers are an item which cast Stop on an enemy and it works on most enemies in the game, including Ruby Weapon. There are many uses for Dazers in the game, I have seen videos of people using Dazers on Ruby Weapon and I also recommend using Dazers to stop Cactuars from dodging your attacks so you can Morph them on Cactuar Island.

Whatever your purpose is for wanting this item - I got you covered. You can get Dazers by Morphing the Boundfat enemies in the area one screen north of the Sleeping Forest. If you've forgotten how to get to the Sleeping Forest, first head to Bone Village which is on the Northern Continent.

Climb up the ladder in Bone Village and exit the town through the northern exit. Travel north through the forested area until you find yourself in the same screen you see in the screenshot below. If you're still confused with these directions I recommend you watch my Where to Farm Dazers video for additional guidance.

area to fight boundfats

The Boundfat enemies you need are fairly common in this area and they can also teach you the Death Sentence Enemy Skill if you're interested in that. To get the item that we need from the Boundfats you'll have to Morph them using the Morph Materia.

For those of you out there who have never Morphed enemies before, you should use Yuffie with her Conformer Ultimate Weapon. The reason we want to use Yuffie for this because her Conformer will ignore the damage limitations on Morph (usually Morph does 1/8th the damage you'd normally do).

This will make Morphing so much easier for you as a whole, to the point that it's really not even worth your time trying to Morph without Yuffie and that weapon. That's all you really need to know for farming Dazers, the Boundfat enemies in this area are plentiful so it won't take long until you've got a few Dazers stocked up. Good luck and happy hunting!

Boundfat Enemies