Mideel First Visit (Disc 2) - FF7 Walkthrough

Mideel Map Location

Our first stop to progress the story after acquiring our wings is the town of Mideel which is located in a forest in the southeastern most portion of the World Map (use screen shot above for guidance). As aforementioned on the previous page, there is a ton of Side Quests you can do right now technically but it's recommended you wait for Cloud.

The EXP you earn during the game right now isn't shared with Cloud while he is not a member of your party (Tifa too) so doing a bunch of grinding and side-stuff while he isn't around will cause him to be lower level than the rest of your party when you get him back. While this isn't a significant problem, since Cloud was probably already higher level than everyone else anyway - if you do a TON of Side Questing the gap will be much bigger.

Note: There is an Elemental Materia currently available in Nibelheim in Tifa's house at the piano that becomes unavailable after this point in the game. If earlier in the game during the flashback you selected "jam on it" you can collect the Elemental Materia right now and only now.

Fort Condor Battle #14: This is the final Fort Condor Battle that isn't mandatory. The next one will be the one that involves the Huge Materia.

Tifas Piano Elemental Materia
Elemental Materia in Tifa's house.

Mideel TreasuresMideel Treasures
Click on the pictures to enlarge them - all locations in Mideel are marked.

When you arrive in Mideel going to the northern portion of the town will instantly advance the story forward again and put you back on the Highwind. There's some stuff you can do here before advancing the story forward, but I would recommend getting that out of the way right now.

Tifa decides to stay in Mideel since she's in love with Cloud, so leadership of your rag tag crew gets passed over to Cid. His response is the following picture, which I felt was funny enough to include. While on the airship you'll need to go to the Operation room and form your party, then speak with the Co-pilot to gain control of it again. Remember this, speaking with the Co-pilot is how you get control of the ship as I am not going to keep mentioning it.

Cid gets captain
Chocobo In MideelChocobo In Mideel

After the scenes you'll want to land outside of Mideel again and this time actually explore the town. There's quite a bit for us to do here, in the northeastern most building you'll find a Chocobo that you can give Mimet Greens to and scratch behind the ears for a Contain Materia... Mimet is mispelled in almost every publishing of this game, in Ps1 it's called Samolen Greens.

You can also get a Curse Ring accessory which is an extremely powerful accessory when paired with the appropriate Materia. To get this you'll first need to inspect the broken door in the Weapon Shop, then pick up the Beat-up Useless Old Key which is found on a patio of a building on the left side of your screen in Mideel. All that's left is an Elixir in the central building.

Contain Materia: Give Chocobo Mimet Greens (purchased from Chocobo Billy at Chocobo Farm) & Scratch it behind the ears

Cursed Ring: Examine the locked door in the weapon shop, pick up the Beat-up Useless Old Key, try to open the locked door and tell the truth

Elixir: Found in the central building of Mideel

**Missable Item Alert** If you don't get Cursed Ring before Cloud joins your party again you'll never be able to obtain it.

Locked DoorBeat up useless old key
tell the truth

Curse Ring Tip: This accessory boosts all of your stats but applies the Death Sentence effect on whomever equips it. Death Sentence kills that character within 60 seconds after a battle begins... You can counter this by pairing an Added Effect Materia with either the Odin or Destruct Materias on that character. These Materias will nullify the Death Sentence effect of this accessory allowing you to get all of the benefits with none of the downsides.

That's all for you to do in Mideel at this time, we'll be back here later for Cloud but we've gotta leave him here right now. Our next stop is Mount Corel but first we have to swing by North Corel, Barret's hometown to get there.



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