Nibelheim - FF7 Walkthrough

Nibelheim Location

Nibelheim is the home of Cloud and Tifa - and the first thing you'll notice about this place is it's not as Cloud remembers it to be... However you'll quickly notice that something's off about this place. With that said, there's quite a bit for us to collect in this town before leaving.

Below is a list of all the available treasures in Nibelheim - if you'd like to see which buildings to find all of them in use the screen shots provided below. Click on them to enlarge them so you can see them.

Luck Source
Turbo Ether
Platinum Fist
Luck Source

Nibelheim Treasure Locations
Nibelheim Treasure Locations 2

Prior to moving onto Mount Nibel the optional Shinra Mansion and second unlockable character Vincent can be completed. I would highly recommend you do both of these now since Vincent is awesome and you also get a ton of other stuff for doing it like the Odin Summon and Red XIII's best Limit Break.




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