Gongaga - FF7 Walkthrough

Gongaga Location

Gongaga is the first optional content that we pass in Final Fantasy 7. You will eventually have to come to this place during the story but right now stopping here is completely optional - albeit strongly recommended since you'll find a new Summon here and if you don't get it now you won't ever be able to.

When you first enter the place you'll have a boss fight against Reno and Rude, two of the Turks. After you beat their faces in you'll want to head down the same road that they were standing on. You'll come to an intersection with the Deathblow Materia on the path going west that leads back out to the World Map.

If you follow the northern path at this intersection you'll find yourself in the town of Gongaga which is actually our next stop. Both of these locations are pictured below.

Gongaga IntersectionGongaga Town Locations

You'll find two items in this town, both in the northern most buildings. The Materia shop here sells some new Materia and the Item Shop will have some anti-frog stuff you may want to pick up while we're here. Those darn frogs can be really annoying coming up. The loot you can find in the northern buildings is listed below.

White M-Phone

If you've got Tifa or Aeris in your party you can also trigger an optional story scene in the southern most building of this village. The old couple in this house are asking about their son Zack who plays an integral role to Cloud's life story, so much so that Crisis Core is a game entirely about him on the PSP.

Once you're done in town you will want to return to the entrance of Gongaga and this time go right instead of left. This time you will end up at the destroyed reactor. At this current point in time the only thing for you to do here is collect the Titan Summon Materia which is found in the rubble, shown in the screen shot below.

Received Titan Materia

With Titan in hand you can leave Gongaga, we've officially completed all we can here. As for Cosmo Canyon, that destination is southwest of Gongaga - you'll have to go through some forests and mountains in order to get there.

If you haven't gotten Yuffie yet you may encounter her in the forests of this area. Yuffie is an optional character but plays such an important role in the game you'll question why she was optional, without her you will miss a lot of different Materia as well as side quests. For more information about Yuffie head over to my Yuffie Character Unlock Guide.

Additionally you may want to get the Frog Song Enemy Skill while you're going through this area. It's up to you if you'd like to get this one, I personally never used it as I prefer Aqualung or Matra Magic for easily defeating groups of enemies.



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