Final Fantasy 1 Walkthrough - Chapter 5

Citadel of Trials Overworld LocationCitadel of Trials place to land Airship

The Citadel of Trials is the last dungeon you have to complete before we can upgrade out classes which makes a whole world of difference. Instead of telling you how to get here, again I will suggest you fly around the world and look for it yourself. You're searching for a small castle looking structure, which you can see in my screen shot above.

Once you spot this area, you'll have to land to the north on a small peninsula. It's a long walk to the Citadel of Trials so bring some Tents with you! The dungeon itself I felt was rather straight forward despite the fact that the teleporter part was kind of tricky. Bring some Gold Feathers with you because there are enemies here that can Stone your party.

Citadel of Trials (1st Area) Treasure Chest: Gauntlet

Citadel of Trials (2nd Area) Treasure Chests: Healing Staff, Steel Gloves, Ice Brand, Ruby Armlet, Cottage and 8795 Gil

After you collect the Rat Tail and complete the dungeon fly around the world until you find the islands which have holes on them. There's about four islands all close together, all with holes in them - they're shown in my screen shot below. Land on each of these islands and explore them, there's some goodies in some of the dungeons as well as dragons that you can talk to.

Islands with Holes in them

In one of the holes you'll find the king of dragons, Bahamut. He will only recognize you as a hero if you bring him the legendary Rat's Tail, which luckily we just got from the Citadel of Trials. Hand him the Rat's Tail and he'll grant your entire team their upgraded classes. There's a bunch of changes with everyone's upgraded class. One of the major ones is White Mages and Black Mages become Wizards and can use the most powerful spells.

Knights and Ninjas (previously Warriors and Thieves) are now able to use weaked White Magic/Black Magic Spells. Red Mages become Red Wizards and are able to use higher level magic spells. Monks don't really change all that much when they become Masters.

Bahamut Class Change

Now that everyone can utilize new magic and armor it's important to go around to every town you previously visited and purchase spells/armor. Here is a quick list of all the towns and what purchases you'll most likely want to get there (depending on what classes you have in your team).

Cornelia White Magic to Purchase (Level 1): Cure1 (Knights), Dia (Knights)

Cornelia Black Magic to Purchase (Level 1): Fire1 (Ninjas), Bolt1 (Ninjas)

Pravoca Black Magic to Purchase (Level 2): Steel (Ninjas), Ice1 (Ninjas)

Pravoca White Magic to Purchase (Level 2): Lamp (Knights), NulBolt (Knights)

Elfheim Black Magic to Purchase (Level 3): Fire2 (Ninja), Bolt2 (Ninja)

Elfheim Black Magic to Purchase (Level 4): Haste (Ninja), Ice2 (Ninja), Muddle (Ninja)

Elfheim White Magic to Purchase (Level 3): Cure2 (Knights), NulFire (Knights)

Elfheim White Magic to Purchase (Level 4): Knights cant learn any of these spells

Melmond White Magic to Purchase (Level 5): Life1 (Red Wizard)

Melmond Black Magic to Purchase (Level 5):Poison (Red Wizard), Warp1 (Red Wizard), Slow2 (Red Wizard)

Crescent Lake White Magic to Purchase (Level 6): Warp2 (Red Wizard & White Wizard), Shld2 (Red Wizard)

Crescent Lake Black Magic to Purchase (Level 6): Bolt3 (Red Wizard)


Town of Gaia Overworld Location

After you've visited all of the towns you're familiar with it's time to visit one that you're not familiar with! The town of Gaia; which is located inbetween a small mountain pass. This town sells Level 7 spells (White and Black Magic) and half of the available Level 8 White/Black Magic Spells. The other half of the spells are sold in the next town we're going to... we'll get to that in Chapter 6.

Buy everything you need in Gaia but save 50,000 Gil for the next part of the game. I'd also recommend you take this moment to stop and grind some for more Gil and for EXP too since we're going to be spending a lot of it on spells and armor. Gaia has some Protect Rings which are 20,000 a piece and well worth buying for everyone on your team that doesn't have better.

Gaia White Magic to Purchase (Level 7): Cure4 (White Wizard), Dia4 (White Wizard)

Gaia Black Magic to Purchase (Level 7): Ice3 (Red Wizard/Black Wizard or Mage)

Gaia White Magic to Purchase (Level 8): Holy (White Wizard), NulAll (White Wizard), Dispell (White Wizard)

Gaia Black Magic to Purchase (Level 8): Stop (Black Wizard), Banish (Black Wizard), Doom (Black Wizard)

Gaia Weapon Shop: Cat Claws; weapon for Ninjas that costs 65k

Gaia Armor Shop: Ruby Armlet; Armor for people who can't wear Knight/Ninja gear.... Protect Rings; Great item for all members of your party.

When you're ready to move the story line forward, hit up the continent of Onlak and land near the medium sized desert with a smaller sectioned off desert near it. If you're confused about the location I am talking about, check out my pictures below.

The smaller desert when you approach it, will end up being a Desert Caravan. The only item this vendor has for sale is a Faerie Bottle for 50,000 Gil. You need to buy this item and take it back to Gaia and open it nearby the spring in the back of town. It's all a rather straight forward task but it takes a lot of traveling around.

Desert Caravan Area

Desert Caravan Overworld LocationDesert Caravan

Use any of these pictures if you need some extra guidance with locating the Desert Caravan or an idea of where to land your Airship to reach it.


Pond in Gaia for Faerie



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My Party End of Chapter 5
My party end of Chapter 5.