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Piano Master Locations and Guide

I am Piano Master

Throughout Final Fantasy V you can find 8 different Pianos to play in the towns that you come across. Each time you play on one of these Pianos Bartz skill will get slightly better; he even plays some Mozart when your skill gets good enough! It's considered one of the easter eggs in the game.

If you play on every Piano in the game and become the Piano Master, you'll be able to speak with the Bard in Crescent Village and obtain the Hero's Rime ability which is available to the Bard class. The song, Hero's Rime, will temporarily increase your party's level to a maximum of 99 while it's being played. It probably sounds much more useful than it actually is.

Below I have put together a quick reference list of all the Pianos throughout the game. If you need more information on each Piano than is mentioned just below, scroll down the page and you'll find indepth information on where and how to find each Piano.

Piano #1: Tule Pub
Piano #2: Carwen/Kerwin Pub
Piano #3: Karnak Pub
Piano #4: Jachol Pub
Piano #5: Crescent Bard's House
Piano #6: Regole Pub
Piano #7: Moore Pub
Piano #8: Mirage Village/Phantom Village Pub


Tule Piano Location

Tule Piano Location

The first Piano you can find in the game is in the Tule tavern. You come to this town shortly after meeting Faris with her gang of pirates. In order to reach this Piano you'll need to sit in the chair to the left of the stage, this will make the Dancers come out and give you a ..... lap dance. Clearing the way to the Piano.


Carwen (Kerwin) Piano Location

Carwen Piano LocationCarwen Piano Location

After Tule the next Piano you'll find is in the town of Carwen (Kerwin on the Ps1). Much like the previous Piano this one is found right out in the open in the Pub. Not much of a challenge at all - get used to that!


Karnak Piano Location

Karnak Piano LocationKarnak Pub for Piano

Karnak is home to the third Piano you come across during your adventure. When you arrive in this town the first time there's fire all over the place and you probably won't get the Piano this time around, fret not - you come back to this town many times throughout your adventure.


Crescent Town Piano Location

Crescent Town Piano houseCrescent Town Piano Location

For the Piano in Crescent Town you'll want to visit the Bard's house in the southeastern portion of town. This location is a very important part of this quest because after you've played all the Pianos throughout the world and become the "Piano Master" this is where you will return to get your reward.

Speak with the Bard in this building and you'll receive Strength Song, available to the Bard Job. Once you've played all of the hidden Pianos return here and speaking to the Bard will get you Hero's Rime.


Jachol Piano Location

Jachol Piano LocationJachol Pub

This Piano is found inside the Jachol Pub. It's right out in the open like all the Pianos before it - really easy to get. You can visit the town of Jachol when on World 1 but you'll need either the Airship or the Purple Chocobo to reach it.


Regole Piano Location

Regole Piano LocationRegole Pub with Piano

The Regole Pub Piano is the first hidden one throughout the game. Much like the Pianos before it, it's found in the town's Pub but it isn't visible when you first enter. What you have to do is follow the hidden path that's found just below the bar's counter up and around the bar.

It'll lead you to a secret room (as seen from my screen shots) which is where you'll find the Piano. The town of Regole is first visited when on World 2.


Moore Piano Location

Moore Piano LocationMoore Pub with Piano

The Piano in the Moore Pub is right out in the open, like many of the other Pubs before it. Definitely another one of the easy ones to find. You come across the town of Moore while you're in world 2 but can return here once the world's merge into world 3.


Phantom Village/Mirage Village Piano

Mirage Village Overworld LocationPhantom Village Back of Pub

This is the hardest Piano in the game to find for multiple reasons and when you do find this Piano, you'll uncover many other secrets as well! Before we get to all of that, first you need to actually locate Phantom Village (Ps1 calls it Mirage Village). You won't be able to reach this town until the worlds merge into the third and final world.

After that happens travel to Crescent Town, in the southeastern portion of the world. If you travel south from Crescent Town following the land bridge you'll eventually come across a small patch of forest, as shown in my screen shot above. When you enter this patch of forest it'll place you in Phantom Village. Use my map location below if you're at all confused about how to get here.

Mirage Village Map Location

Once you're in Phantom Village - you'll need to locate the Piano next! In the northern portion of town you'll find the Pub but instead of going inside head around back where you'll find the back entrance.

Phantom Village Piano Location