Mimic Job in Worus Tower Location and Guide

Worus Tower Overworld Location

After you clear Fork Tower and speak with Cid, gaining the ability to take your Airship underwater, you'll be able to tackle Worus Tower. This is a completely optional, timed dungeon, which will reward you with the last available Job in the PS1/SNES version of Final Fantasy V. Anyone playing on the GBA/iOS versions of the game will still have a few jobs available to you after you collect all 12 Sealed Weapons.

To get started with this side quest, fly on over to the pool of water on the eastern side of the continent and land in it. When you press X while on the water it'll give you the option to go up or down. Go down and find the submerged tower which is what you'll want to enter. This location is also marked on your map while under water.

Worus Tower Map Location

Once you dock at this tower, rest up downstairs in the submarine before going in. You're going to need to be completely prepared before moving forward. As aforementioned, this is a timed dungeon. You have a total of 7 minutes to make it through this place and to the crystal which is downstairs.

It'll only take you about 2 minutes to run down to the crystal, however the timer also ticks while in battle. For this reason I highly recommend you run from all battles while here; even if doing so will lower the damage on your Brave Blade. If you're really that concerned with keeping the damage high on your Brave Blade - you can run through here and defeat all the monsters, just equip !XAttack on at least two characters, that'll defeat every battle in about 20 seconds tops.

Gogo Crystal LocationGogo Battle

At the bottom of the tower you'll find a lone crystal with a warning when you approach it. Ignoring the warning and collecting the crystal will begin a fight against Gogo, a familiar face for anyone who has played Final Fantasy 6. He's not a playable character in this game, instead he's the strongest Super Monster in the entire game!

Gogo will Mimic every attack that you throw at him so the secret to beating him is not attacking him at all for about two minutes straight. Eventually Gogo will give up and leave, your reward will be able to choose the Mimic Job for any of your characters.

All in all this Job isn't that good for it being the last Job available in the game. I personally never bothered using it, primarily because I never felt like grinding 999 AP again this late in the game!