Golem Summon Location and Guide

Golem Valley of Dragons Overworld Location

The Golem Summon is a random encounter in the Drakenvale (Dragon Valley Ps1 translation) dungeon which you go through while on World 2. During the game's story line you have to collect Dragon Grass to save the dragon at Galuf's Castle; to collect that Dragon Grass you're sent here.

While traveling through the dungeon you'll have random encounters with an ??? enemy that appears as a Stone Golem but before you can do anything he runs from the battle. You'll start to encounter this NPC at the early stages of the dungeon while in an outside portion but you won't be able to actually do anything in the battle against him until later.

Fight with GolemFight where you protect Golem

Continue through the dungeon until you make it almost to the end. In the outside portion of the dungeon where you find a lot of bones you'll have the 'real' battle against the Golem. During this battle the Golem will be under attack by an undead T-rex and an undead Dragon. He'll also be yelling for your help the entire time.

DO NOT ATTACK GOLEM!!!! In fact it's in your best interest to heal him too if he suffers any damage. He doesn't have much HP and the other enemies in the battle almost exclusively attack him in an attempt to defeat him. Your goal for this battle and only way to obtain the Golem summon is to keep the Golem alive while defeating the other enemies. If the Golem dies you'll have to encounter it again in battle and try to save it again.

If you're successful in keeping the Golem alive you'll be rewarded with the item, Golem. Much like the Ramuh summon before it, using this item from your inventory will grant you the Golem summon. That's really all there is to it! Also as far as I know if you progress to World 3 and don't obtain Golem you can't go back for him... But I may be wrong.

Golem in Inventory