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Demolition Racer Codebreaker Codes (NTSC-U)

This page contains CodeBreaker cheat codes for Demolition Racer (NTSC-U) for the Playstation 1. Depending on if you're playing this game on a physical console or an emulator will determine how you use the codes found on this page. People using a physical console will need to purchase a physical CodeBreaker device to use the codes.

Anyone who is using an Emulator will have a much easier time getting these codes to work (assuming your Emulator supports them). One of the most popular Emulators for the Ps1 is ePSXe and if you'd like to learn how to use the codes on this page for that Emulator, check out my how to get cheat codes to work with ePSXe guide. If you don't see the code you want on this page I recommend you return to my Demolition Racer Guides Index and choose a different section.


Reverse Joker Command P1: D0065144 ????

Reverse Joker Command P2: D0065148 ????

P1 Infinite Damage: 80066E54 0000
Your car will still take damage but you won't die

P2 Infinite Damage: 8006720C 0000
Your car will still take damage but you won't die

Enable Redneck Raceway Track: 300596CD 0000

Enable Lyon Stadium Track: 300596D2 0000

Enable Meltdown Track: 300596D3 0000

Enable Hunters Quarry Track: 300596D5 0000

Enable Chemical Plant Track: 300596D7 0000

Enable Scrap Heap Track: 300596D8 0000

Enable Go Cart Carnage Track: 300596D9 0000

Enable Pelton Stadium Track: 300596DA 0000

Enable Reverse Tracks: 300596DC 0000

Enable Predator Car: 300596EF 0000

Enable Renegade Car: 300596F0 0000

Enable Mantis Car: 300596F1 0000

Enable Widowmaker Car: 300596F2 0000

Enable Vandal Car: 300596F3 0000

Enable Chase Mode: 300596F5 0000

Enable Chicken Mode: 300596F6 0000

Enable Suicide Mode: 300596F8 0000

Enable Semi Pro League League: 30064B30 0000

Enable Pro League League: 30064B34 0000

Enable Endurance League: 30064B38 0000

Drive Thru Cars: 8009595E 2400

Super Acceleration: 80066D20 9160


P1 Max Points/Always First
Player 1 will win every race with this code

D0066E98 0000
80066E98 0FFF


P2 Max Score/Always First
Player 2 will win every race with this code

D0067250 0000
80067250 0FFF