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Tenchu Dark Secret - Shop Player Kill Items Codebreaker Codes (USA)

This page contains the Shop Player Kill Items Codes that I have available for Tenchu Dark Secret, a game for NDS. If you are playing on an Emulator you can usually input these codes rather easily by accessing a tab at the top of your Emulator; those of you playing on a physical NDS console will have to use an actual Codebreaker device instead.

For those of you out there who are using an emulator such as Desmume, there is usually a tab at the top of the emulator that will lead you to the section where you can input these codes. If you'd like more information on How to Setup Codes on Desmume NDS Emulator please follow the link provided.

If you don't see the code you're looking for on this page I recommend you return to my Tenchu Dark Secret Codebreaker Codes Index and choose a different section.



(Akunosuke Murai) Explosive Kill: 2212E344 00000063

(Akunosuke Murai) Joke Kill: 2212E349 00000063

(Akunosuke Murai) Poison Kill: 2212E348 00000063

(Akunosuke Murai) Spike Kill: 2212E345 00000063

(Akunosuke Murai) Surprise Kill: 2212E34A 00000063

(Akunosuke Murai) Sword Kill: 2212E34D 00000063

(Akunosuke Murai) Tiger-Trap Kill: 2212E347 00000063

(Akunosuke Murai) Trap Kill: 2212E346 00000063

(Akunosuke Murai) Water Kill: 2212E34B 00000063

(Bandit) Explosive Kill: 2212E308 00000063

(Bandit) Fall Kill: 2212E310 00000063

(Bandit) Joke Kill: 2212E30D 00000063

(Bandit) Poison Kill: 2212E30C 00000063

(Bandit) Spike Kill: 2212E309 00000063

(Bandit) Surprise Kill: 2212E30E 00000063

(Bandit) Sword Kill: 2212E311 00000063

(Bandit) Tiger-Trap Kill: 2212E30B 00000063

(Bandit) Trap Kill: 2212E30A 00000063

(Bandit) Water Kill: 2212E30F 00000063

(Bear) Explosive Kill: 2212E33A 00000063

(Bear) Joke Kill: 2212E33F 00000063

(Bear) Poison Kill: 2212E33E 00000063

(Bear) Spike Kill: 2212E33B 00000063

(Bear) Surprise Kill: 2212E340 00000063

(Bear) Sword Kill: 2212E343 00000063

(Bear) Tiger-Trap Kill: 2212E33D 00000063

(Bear) Trap Kill: 2212E33C 00000063

(Female Ninja) Explosive Kill: 2212E326 00000063

(Female Ninja) Fall Kill: 2212E32E 00000063

(Female Ninja) Joke Kill: 2212E32B 00000063

(Female Ninja) Poison Kill: 2212E32A 00000063

(Female Ninja) Spike Kill: 2212E327 00000063

(Female Ninja) Surprise Kill: 2212E32C 00000063

(Female Ninja) Sword Kill: 2212E32F 00000063

(Female Ninja) Tiger-Trap Kill: 2212E329 00000063

(Female Ninja) Trap Kill: 2212E328 00000063

(Female Ninja) Water Kill: 2212E32D 00000063

(Ghoul) Explosive Kill: 2212E330 00000063

(Ghoul) Fall Kill: 2212E338 00000063

(Ghoul) Joke Kill: 2212E335 00000063

(Ghoul) Poison Kill: 2212E334 00000063

(Ghoul) Spike Kill: 2212E331 00000063

(Ghoul) Surprise Kill: 2212E336 00000063

(Ghoul) Sword Kill: 2212E339 00000063

(Ghoul) Tiger-Trap Kill: 2212E333 00000063

(Ghoul) Trap Kill: 2212E332 00000063

(Ghoul) Water Kill: 2212E337 00000063

(Kagemasa Hakkaku) Explosive Kill: 2212E358 00000063

(Kagemasa Hakkaku) Joke Kill: 2212E35D 00000063

(Kagemasa Hakkaku) Poison Kill: 2212E35C 00000063

(Kagemasa Hakkaku) Spike Kill: 2212E359 00000063

(Kagemasa Hakkaku) Surprise Kill: 2212E35E 00000063

(Kagemasa Hakkaku) Sword Kill: 2212E361 00000063

(Kagemasa Hakkaku) Tiger-Trap Kill: 2212E35B 00000063

(Kagemasa Hakkaku) Trap Kill: 2212E35A 00000063

(Kurokaze) Explosive Kill: 2212E34E 00000063

(Kurokaze) Joke Kill: 2212E353 00000063

(Kurokaze) Poison Kill: 2212E352 00000063

(Kurokaze) Spike Kill: 2212E34F 00000063

(Kurokaze) Surprise Kill: 2212E354 00000063

(Kurokaze) Sword Kill: 2212E357 00000063

(Kurokaze) Tiger-Trap Kill: 2212E351 00000063

(Kurokaze) Trap Kill: 2212E350 00000063

(Male Ninja) Explosive Kill: 2212E31C 00000063

(Male Ninja) Fall Kill: 2212E324 00000063

Joke Kill: 2212E321 00000063

(Male Ninja) Poison Kill: 2212E320 00000063

(Male Ninja) Spike Kill: 2212E31D 00000063

(Male Ninja) Surprise Kill: 2212E322 00000063

(Male Ninja) Sword Kill: 2212E325 00000063

(Male Ninja) Tiger-Trap Kill: 2212E31F 00000063

(Male Ninja) Trap Kill: 2212E31E 00000063

(Male Ninja) Water Kill: 2212E323 00000063

Explosive Kill: 2212E362 00000063

(Princess Shizu) Joke Kill: 2212E367 00000063

(Princess Shizu) Poison Kill: 2212E366 00000063

(Princess Shizu) Spike Kill: 2212E363 00000063

(Princess Shizu) Surprise Kill: 2212E368 00000063

(Princess Shizu) Sword Kill: 2212E36B 00000063

(Princess Shizu) Tiger-Trap Kill: 2212E365 00000063

(Princess Shizu) Trap Kill: 2212E364 00000063

(Samurai) Explosive Kill: 2212E312 00000063

(Samurai) Fall Kill: 2212E31A 00000063

(Samurai) Joke Kill: 2212E317 00000063

(Samurai) Poison Kill: 2212E316 00000063

(Samurai) Spike Kill: 2212E313 00000063

(Samurai) Surprise Kill: 2212E318 00000063

(Samurai) Sword Kill: 2212E31B 00000063

(Samurai) Tiger-Trap Kill: 2212E315 00000063

(Samurai) Trap Kill: 2212E314 00000063

(Samurai) Water Kill: 2212E319 00000063