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Monster Lists - Rune Factory 2

This page contains lists of every monster in Rune Factory 2 and what items they drop, what farm tasks they can perform and where they are found. Some items in this game can only be obtained by defeating certain monsters - this list will help you find the monster you're looking for so you can easily get the item you need without much fuss. I've sorted these lists by dungeons so that you can narrow down your search a bit more to find the monster you're looking for.

Below is also a key explaining how to use the information found in this section.

Name of the Monster
Location: The various locations where you can find the monster
Monster Drop: What item(s) the monster will drop
Farm Task: What task (if any) the monster will perform on your farm


Monster Lists (By Area)
- Blessia Island
- Messhina Valley
- Padova Mountains
- Palermo Shrine
- Trieste Forest