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Villager Gift Lists - Rune Factory 2 Guides

This page includes a list of all the villagers in Rune Factory 2 and what gifts they like and dislike. In this game there are two categories that some villagers have of "Like" or "Love" when it comes to gifts. Despite there being two categories the only noticeable difference is the dialogue you get when giving them a gift. You don't get bonus affection for giving them a loved gift versus a liked gift.

I've also included information about each villager's birthday on this page and the unique Birthday Gift associated with that villager. Giving a villager their 'Birthday Gift' is the only way to get bonus affection from them and even then it's a rather small amount. Personally, I don't think it's worth the extra effort to give them a unique Birthday Gift but it's your call.

Last but not least, this page does include information about the villagers that only appear in the second generation.


Likes: 4-Leaf Clover, Pink Turnip, Prelude to Love
Dislikes: Mackerel
Birthday: Summer 9
Birthday Gift: Roasted Yam

Likes: Cheese Fondue, Mixed Ole, Pizza
Dislikes: Pickled Turnip
Birthday: Winter 27
Birthday Gift: Sapphire Ring

Likes: Char, Emery Flower, Salted Char
Dislikes: Insect Skin
Birthday: Winter 2
Birthday Gift: Strawberry Jam

Likes: Diamond, Pumpkin Pudding, Strawberry
Dislikes: Spinach
Birthday: Summer 28
Birthday Gift: Emerald Ring

Likes: Amethyst, Diamond, Emerald, Platinum, Ruby, Sapphire
Dislikes: Lamp Squid
Birthday: Summer 12
Birthday Gift: Aquamarine Brooch

Likes: Insect Skin, Marmalade, Rainbow Trout, Sashimi, Strawberry, Strawberry Jam, Strawberry Milk
Dislikes: Green Pepper
Birthday: Summer 15
Birthday Gift: Hot Chocolate

Likes: 4-Leaf Clover, Sweetie Potato
Dislikes: Gyoza
Birthday: Fall 27
Birthday Gift: Hot Milk

Likes: Cherry Grass, Pumpkin Pudding, Tomato
Dislikes: Strawberry
Birthday: Spring 21
Birthday Gift: Fried Udon

Likes: Carrot, Toyherb
Dislikes: Skull
Birthday: Spring 16
Birthday Gift: Seafood Pizza

Likes: Apple, Apple Pie
Dislikes: Tomato
Birthday: Winter 21
Birthday Gift: Ruby Ring

Likes: Aquamarine, Daikon Radish, Fried Udon
Dislikes: Squid
Birthday: Spring 9
Birthday Gift: Cabbage Cakes

Sera & Serena
Likes: Omelet Rice, Pudding, Tomato Juice
Dislikes: Sardine Sashimi
Birthday: Fall 29
Birthday Gift: Marmalade

Likes: Iron, Salmn, Salmon Sashimi, Salted Salmon
Dislikes: Eggplant
Birthday: Spring 5
Birthday Gift: Skipjack Sashimi

Likes: Autumn Grass, Eggplant, Miso Eggplant
Dislikes: Toyherb
Birthday: Spring 5
Birthday Gift: Seafood Doria

Likes: Fried Skipjack, Pumpkin, Skipjack, Skipjack Sashimi
Dislikes: Carrot
Birthday: Spring 2
Birthday Gift: Fried Rice

Likes: Fluffy Scarf, Platinum, Proof of Warrior
Dislikes: Weeds
Birthday: Fall 6
Birthday Gift: Snapper Sashimi

Likes: Charm Blue, White Cabbage
Dislikes: Orange
Birthday: Fall 21
Birthday Gift: Stew

Likes: Proof of Warrior, Pumpkin
Dislikes: Wooly Furball
Birthday: Fall 15
Birthday Gift: Amethyst Ring

Likes: Bull Horn, Onion, Spinach
Dislikes: Milk
Birthday: Summer 23
Birthday Gift: Platinum

Likes: Pineapple Juice
Dislikes: Cornflakes
Birthday: Winter 3
Birthday Gift: Curry Rice

Likes: Pink Cat, Pink Melon, Pumpkin Pudding, Vegetable Juice
Dislikes: Shrimp
Birthday: Fall 8
Birthday Gift: Grape Juice, Fried Rice

Likes: Ice Cream, Panther Claw, Potato, Steamed Gyoza
Dislikes: Pike
Birthday: Winter 25
Birthday Gift: French Fries

Likes: Friend Mackerel, Taimen Sashimi, Pink Cat, Pink Melon, Pumpkin Pudding, Vegetable Juice
Dislikes: Dried Sardines, Shrimp
Birthday: Winter 15
Birthday Gift: Fried Sunsquid

Likes: Chocolate Cake, Pancakes
Dislikes: Cheesecakes
Birthday: Summer 3
Birthday Gift: Mixed Juice



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