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Fishing Information (Lists & Guide) - Rune Factory 2

This page contains a list of every Fishing location in the game and what types of fish you can catch there. I've organized this page based on dungeon and based on the different sections of town. Each dungeon gets its own section so that you can easily find the information you're looking for. I've also included information about both the first and second generations.


Alvarna Fishing Locations

Farm Field
Spring: Chub, Cherry Salmon
Summer: Chub
Autumn: Chub
Winter: Chub

Spring: Lamp squid, Lover Snapper
Summer: Blowfish
Autumn: Lobster
Winter: Snapper, Glitter Snapper, Skipjack, Salmon

North Square, De Sainte- Coquille Park
Spring: Squid
Summer: Masu Trout
Autumn: Mackerel
Winter: Girella

East End and West End Piers
Spring: Shrimp, Needlefish
Summer: Needlefish, Sardine, Turbot
Autumn: Pike, Sardine
Winter: Girella, Sardine, Flounder

Spring: Needlefish, Salmon, Shrimp, Snapper, Sardine
Summer: Fall Flounder, Lobster, Needlefish, Sardine, Shrimp, Sunsquid, Turbot
Autumn: Glitter Snapper, Pike, Salmon, Sardine, Skipjack
Winter: Girella, Yellowtail, Sardine, Flounder


Blessia Island Fishing Locations

Altar- Old Ship: Needlefish

Centre: Char, Masu Trout

Dense Overgrowth: Char Crucian Carp, Masu Trout

North Beach: Girella, Sunsquid, Turbot

Sandy Path: Needlefish, Sardines, Shrimp, Turbot, Lobster
Spring: Sunsquid
Winter: Fall Flounder

Silent Cave: Crucian Carp, Gibelio

Summer Isle Port: Fall Flounder, Lobster, Needlefish

South Beach: Sardines, Sunsquid, Turbot

Southwest Beach: Girella, Turbot
Southwest Beach- Watering Hole: Char, Rocks

Southeast Beach: Sardine, Turbot

West Beach: Girella

Ruined Shrine: Gibelio, Crucian Carp


Messhina Valley Fishing Locations

Cave- Alter: Crucian Carp, Rainbow Trout, Taimen

Bridge to Shrine: Masu Trout, Salmon, Fall Flounder

Fall Valley: Chub

Giant Boulder: Chub, Masu Trout

Riverbank: Branches

Path to Mountains: Chub, Masu Trout, Salmon

Serene Garden: Crucian Carp


Padova Mountains Fishing Locations

Flowing River: Chub, Pond Smelt, Taimen

Freezing Cave: Chub, Pond Smelt

Rushing Waterfall: Blowfish, Rainbow Trout, Taimen, Tuna

Shrine: Glitter Snapper, Rainbow Trout, Taimen, Tuna

Tomb: Rainbow Trout, Taimen

Watering Hole- Unfrozen Lake: Pond Smelt


Trieste Forest Fishing Locations

Aegis Falls: Cherry Salmon, Chub

River Stream: Chub

Grassy Path: Cherry Salmon, Chub, Gibelio

Reflecting Water: Cherry Salmon, Chub, Gibelio, Pond Smelt

River Stream: Chub, Cherry Salmon

Ruins: Branches, Rocks, Gibelio

Sundipped Spot: Gibelio, Lover Snapper

Wooded Paradise: Sunsquid, Branches


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