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Accessory Crafting Guides & Lists - Rune Factory 2

This section contains all of the lists and guides that I have created for Accessories in Rune Factory 2. In order to make Accessories in this game you'll have to wait until the second generation because this is when you unlock the Workshop. To unlock the Workshop you'll need to first build the School - which you do at the end of the first generation.

Once you have the School unlocked and you've moved into the second generation you'll have to talk with the Mayor to purchase upgrades for the School. After you've done this you'll need to purchase the crafting stations for the Workshop from Yue, the traveling merchant. These are all of the requirements you need to fulfill before you're able to start crafting Accessories.


Accessory Crafting Recipes
- Belts
- Boots
- Bracelet
- Brooch
- Earrings
- Gloves
- Headgear
- Other
- Pendant
- Power-Up
- Ring
- Scarf


Leveling Up Accessory Crafting

In order to level up your Accessories Tradeskill you'll need to do a lot of mining for various resources. Alternatively, you can take a more expensive but less grindy route by purchasing a lot of Platinum from Yue and turning that into Platinum Rings to level up. Below are all of the recipes I would recommend for leveling up your Accessory Crafting Skill.


Silver Bracelet
Skill: Level 16
Materials: Silver, Silver
Upgrade: Silver, Silver, Silver Bracelet
Skill: Level 22


Aquamarine Ring
Skill: Level 25
Materials: Aquamarine, Gold, Gold
Upgrade: Aquamarine, Aquamarine Ring, Silver
Skill: Level 29


Emerald Ring
Skill: Level 27
Materials: Emerald, Gold, Gold
Upgrade: Emerald, Emerald Ring, Silver
Skill: Level 31


Amethyst Ring
Skill: Level 30
Materials: Amethyst, Gold, Gold
Upgrade: Amethyst, Amethyst Ring, Silver
Skill: Level 33


Platinum Ring
Skill: Level 35
Materials: Platinum, Platinum, Platinum, Platinum, Platinum, Platinum
Upgrade: Platinum, Platinum, Platinum Ring
Skill: Level 41


Diamond Ring
Skill: Level 41
Materials: Diamond, Gold, Gold, Gold
Upgrade: Diamond, Diamond Ring, Silver
Skill: Level 46


Diamond Brooch
Skill: Level 47
Materials: Diamond, Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold
Upgrade: Diamond, Diamond Brooch, Gold
Skill: Level 52