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Lunar Dragon Song - Max Sundries Codebreaker Codes (USA)

This page contains the Max Sundries Codes that I have available for Lunar Dragon Song, a game for NDS. If you are playing on an Emulator you can usually input these codes rather easily by accessing a tab at the top of your Emulator; those of you playing on a physical NDS console will have to use an actual Codebreaker device instead.

For those of you out there who are using an emulator such as Desmume, there is usually a tab at the top of the emulator that will lead you to the section where you can input these codes. If you'd like more information on How to Setup Codes on Desmume NDS Emulator please follow the link provided.

If you don't see the code you're looking for on this page I recommend you return to my Lunar Dragon Song Codebreaker Codes Index and choose a different section.



Lead: 7F67DDD8 A098F342

Copper: 11342F4D 81F1C69C

Iron: DD2A5066 7D4BA209

Silver: 2993AD33 9501CA9F

Steel: 1CFC2DCA 02D985A9

Gold Nugget: 5F1A01B2 18D9EF47

Eather: 7FBD811E 6FD87633

Adamantine: A2B93297 A1630352

Mithril: 5F3138B2 06F9752A

Galvoln: AF09EC52 B9560871

Hihilkane: 604ACCE7 7FAEFE7D

Pretty Stone: C6274D7F 42DDB864

Iridescent Rock: BB8695D5 ADBFF39C

Meteorite Chunk: 09BF7A41 69B6F3DE

Stardust: BD60A0F1 D0FFC50E

Sun Rays: 344A42AE 7871233F

Crystal: B94F9C9B BCA37D39

Scale: 8E8D4E86 540141FB

Fossil: EB08BC50 04EEF04B

Bird Feather: 7564D8AF 5CF70AF2

Hard Bone: FDD14B34 B763B25F

Cow Bone: 426FCA22 8FB33561

Ice Mongrel's Tail: B518BF40 083482BD

Shiro's Tail: 1D842FEE F096AAA0

Devil's Fang: 4FF05E6A AADC350E

Devil's Horn: A8332CDB 9E37C9D2

Beast's Horn: A9D8C902 879D81EB

Beast's Wing: ACB405D7 3A1E861B

Mermaid's Scale: 89399682 8E080676

Lion's Head: 1A8536B6 F1099847

Eagle's Beak: 254D7EF5 B9DD3C60

Tough Dorsal fin: 5C9ECDDC 4141AE92

Shell: 3B19E7D6 FD6ABCA0

Snail's Shell: 76F96FCF 5EBBBBFF

Fish Feet: 0A7D8DC8 5A48998F

Whiskers: F44094DB 3612B977

Beautiful Hair: 7AE49E8E 9EBF532A

Poisoner: 6BCC9E3A EE415FC5

Spark: 65087D67 0B11810E

Devil's Tear: F7F9DCA8 144EE269

Fire Heart: 42FE64BE 77BDF10B

Earth Heart: 2503B783 E3AA2618

Tidal Heart: 2D7AD0FF E58A683C

Glow liquid: 7D69F8AB AF7033AA

Spongy Fluid: C836D431 A52C627B

Dried Grass: E4B25A36 48B20387

Down: 7A31F52A A4F189ED

Mushroom Spore: B594FFDD C17D1C6B

Pretty Flower: 1A6CCE00 E53C7DAE

Dandelion: 0CB91834 D8739654

Acorn: A7EA118C 242EE1AE

Coral: 5F654C71 DEC70826

Rainbow leaf: 57D379F3 72ACA172

Bouquet of Roses: 5BA4732C E19FA0CC

Shimmery Moss: C4DEFBAE AE1C2159

Old Mushroom: 9263A952 44370823

Morning Dew: 8F61F10B 7F308D03

Wood: BAB4C56C D12F1480

Wooden Doll: D9E897AD 981992D1

Old Book: FFC1DF5F 5E389167

Dirty Staff: 2FCC91B0 F8BE8927

Expensive Plate: 0B0E52EE BF5A7992

Perfume: A13D3249 E13EBE07

Bottle Ship: BC32822B 91AB1B69

Fine Vase: 7F2BD970 C7779051

Regular Vase: C398EE31 A7A1A41C

Replica Sword: BB72C4FD 783AD859

Bone Sword: 777A7CAC 6F7620CB

Rusty Knife: 61D616FE D31334EB

Clock Parts: 505B91E8 C634B7D7

Magnet: 3D129F82 A4547051

Parchment: 162BE0D9 B9F5EE45

Hand Mirror: AAA42B85 0A62DD97

Wooden Box: 930C48ED 905C3B64

Folk Costume: E8AB4580 89364CB1

Magic Hat: 2E20CCE8 70DC13B4

Stuffed Animal: 2416210C 79CD4421

Hugging Pillow: 1BF6062C 70CF9050

Flower Pot: 05CE2717 AE643837

Candle: A1AD5611 76A57BE9

Rope: 4776190E 4E22C5AB

Fure Skin: B9228828 16A1814B

Spoon: EA1C4AEA 0041D3C3

Light Feather: E10801E0 27A4D808

Screw: 57A2C28E 721F5965

Rusty Helmet: DAE1427C ADEED22E

Caltrop: 53732642 983AA991

Power Keg: D1F81188 1845E617

Plastic Case: F916F740 285EDD2D

Amazing Frying Pan: 38897FEA 6DB15814

Engine: 9D3C534B 66BABFBF

Bandage: 5ADE742A 63419259

Salt: 97586D56 F2E4175B

Hunny: 478E860C 6E5F4F0D

Wine: 52E1EF52 1E13F716

Chocolate: A7A8F54C A68A1F84

Throat Drops: 6079A45F 6EB13E92

Banana: 184B69FC E6D389DF

Apple: CF055AF9 3AA0A012


All Sundries

FDE28762 F8CD3A21
B729A6BB 26EB2799