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Final Fantasy III Codebreaker Codes (USA)

This page contains the Codebreaker Codes that I have available for Final Fantasy III, a game for NDS. If you are playing on an Emulator you can usually input these codes rather easily by accessing a tab at the top of your Emulator; those of you playing on a physical NDS console will have to use an actual Codebreaker device instead.

For those of you out there who are using an emulator such as Desmume, there is usually a tab at the top of the emulator that will lead you to the section where you can input these codes. If you'd like more information on How to Setup Codes on Desmume NDS Emulator please follow the link provided.

If you don't see the code you're looking for on this page I recommend you return to my Final Fantasy III Guides and Walkthroughs and choose a different section.


Enable Code (Must Be On)

000070A6 41464645
96EAB6F3 87A1D375
F8895BCF E0308853


Character 1 Codes

Character 2 Codes

Character 3 Codes

Character 4 Codes


Infinite Gil: 1A2DF0AE CBF05B10

Max Gil: 2FF649F2 CA799D0E

100% Of Treasure Box's Collected: 2209ACA0 00000064

(All Party) Max Job EXP On Action: 020198D0 00000000

(All Party) Max Job Level Up At Level Up: 02019858 00000000

(All Party) Max Level After One Battle: 22017658 00000002


Sorting Items Maxs Them

02112018 00000000
0211209C 00000000
02112340 00000000
021124E4 00000000
021125EC 00000000
0211266C 00000000
021126F8 00000000


One Shot Enemies

021D34A4 00000000
021D3644 00000000
021D37E4 00000000