Gladiator Class Unlock Quest - DQ9

Gladiator Quest Unlock NPC

Quest Requirements: Defeat a Slime enemy with a 100 tension Dragon Slash

Reward: Gladiator Vocation Unlocked

The quest to unlock the Gladiator class is found in the basement of Alltrades Abbey and is given to you by the priest standing in the hallway just south of the Inn. Use my map above if you need some additional guidance on where this guy is.

Gladiators are an extremely high DPS class with very low survivability; many of their attacks even lower defense or HP in the process. They kind of resemble Berserker classes from many different games.

Gladiator Quest Credit

For the quest to unlock the Gladiator you will need to level up a Martial Artist for Psyche Up which is an ability that raises the tension of your character as well as the Dragon Slash ability (3 points into Swords). The main character also gets an ability called "Egg On" which can be used to increase someone else's tension too, but not his own. You can use these abilities in conjunction with each other to increase your tension faster.

I ONLY got credit for this quest from regular slime enemies (shown in the screen shot below). You can fight them outside Angel Falls or outside of Alltrades Abbey - I chose Alltrades Abbey since they don't flee from battle here... However if 3 slimes are left alone during a battle they can merge and you won't get credit for defeating the merged slime - so you'll have to prevent that from happening.

Regular Slimes

Aside from having to deal with the slime's mechanics there is one more tedious problem to make this quest more annoying and that's sometimes your tension level gets stuck at 50 and takes a few attempts to raise to 100. It's a small issue but one you'll more than likely have to deal with while doing this quest.