Quest #092 Warriors Three - Wormwood Creek

Warriors Three Wormwood Creek

Quest Requirements: Defeat 10 enraged Mandrake Marauder enemies in Magmaroo

Quest Pre-Requirements: Level 40+ Warrior and Side Quest #091 Complete

Reward: Warrior's Workbook and Counterattack Ability + 5000G

This quest begins in Wormwood Creek by speaking with the man along the southern fence line. In order to accept this quest you'll first need to complete Side Quest #091 and you'll also need at least one person in your party who is a Level 40+ Warrior.

For this quest you'll want to Zoom over to The Magmaroo - Summit and backtrack down to L5 and L4 of the dungeon. In this area you'll have the greatest chance to find the Mandrake Marauder enemies that we're after. A screen shot of the enemy that we're looking for is shown below too, so you know which type of enemy to engage and which ones to avoid.

Mandrake Marauder

During battle you will need to use the Whistle ability on the Mandrake Marauders to enrage them before defeating them otherwise you won't get credit for this quest. Otherwise, this quest is honestly a piece of cake - you'll be done in no time!




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