Quest #089 Way of the Fitht - Swinedimples Academy

Way of the Fitht Quest Start

Quest Requirements: Defeat 10 Wyrtles (Urdus Marshland or Hermany) with Knuckle Sandwich

Quest Pre-Requirements: 30 Skill Points in the Fisticuff Skill Tree

Reward: Tough Guy Tattoo

This quest is given to you by a man in the southern part of the large gymnasium like building in the west part of Swinedimples Academy L1. In order to accept the quest he has to offer you, you'll first need at least 30 Skill Points in the Fisticuff Skill Tree.

For this quest literally all you need to do is go to the Urdus Marshland or Hermany and run around until you find a Wyrtle enemy (screen shot below). Defeat it in battle using the Fisticuff Skill Kuckle Sandwich to get credit for this quest. Defeat 10 in total to complete it. Depending on your level with the character using Knuckle Sandwich you may want to damage the enemy a little first.

Urdus Marshland LocationsA Wyrtle





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