Quest #082 To Shell and Back - Swinedimples Academy

To Shell and Back Quest Start

Quest Requirements: Defeat a Liquid Metal Slime with Bagsy Last (Hammer Ability) while equipped with a Tortoise Shell

Quest Pre-Requirements: 100 Skill Points in the Hammer Skill Tree and Side Quest #081 Complete

Reward: Hardcore Hammering and Big Banga Ability

This quest begins by speaking with Mrs Mallet who is located in the northern most building of Swinedimples Academy on the 1F. Just west of the entrance area you'll find the room with her inside of it. Mrs Mallet won't have any quests available until you first complete Side Quest #081 - also in order to accept this quest you will need 100 Skill Points in the Hammer Skill Tree.

For this quest you will need to equip a character with a Tortoise Shell and use the Bagsy Last ability to defeat a Liquid Metal Slime. As you may already know, metal slimes love to run from you during battle so this quest isn't going to be easy... It's highly recommended you have at minimum two characters with a Hammer and Tortoise Shell equipped trying to defeat the enemy with the Bagsy Last ability.

Since we're fighting Liquid Metal Slimes, each attack (unless it's a crit) will only hit it for a single point of damage. This means that you should do some damage to the Liquid Metal Slime before trying to defeat it with the Bagsy Last ability... How much damage is up to you but I would recommend bringing it down to within 1 to 2 HP of its life.

Liquid Metal Slime

The Liquid Metal Slime enemy that you need for this quest can be found in two places, the first of which is the Bowhole dungeon and the second is a place called Slime Hill which is a location you can only access with the Starflight Express near Angel Falls. For more information on how to get to Slime Hill check out Side Quest #055; it requires you to visit the boy in the cave right here and I go into more detail about how to get here.

If you'd like to try out Slime Hill, it's an area with a ton of regular slime enemies and an occasional metal slime enemy. Any type of metal slime enemy can spawn on this hill and a lot of the hill is covered in forest so they can be difficult to see too.




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