Quest #080 'Atchet Job - Swinedimples Academy

Atchet Job Quest Start

Quest Requirements: Defeat 3 Magmalices, 3 Stone Guardians and 3 Bad Karmours with Hatchet Man

Quest Pre-Requirements: 100 Skill Points in the Axe Skill Tree; Side Quest #079 Complete

Reward: Advanced Axecraft and Whopper Chop Ability

This quest begins in the courtyard of Swinedimples Academy by speaking to the man standing next the water fountain. In order for you to accept this quest you'll first need to complete Side Quest #079 as well as spend 100 Skill Points in the Axe Skill Tree.

For this quest you will need to go to two different places and defeat three different types of enemies three times at each place using the Hatchet Man Ability. As is always recommended for a quest like this, have at least two preferably three people in your party who are equipped with Axes and able to use the Hatchet Man ability. This will speed things up significantly.

As for the enemies we need to defeat... Their locations and screen shots of them can be found below.

Magmalice is found in The Magmaroo (L1 - L3)

Stone Guardians are found in Oubliette (L1 - L2)

Bad Karmours are found in Oubliette (L4 - L6)

a magmalicebad karmours
a stone guardian





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