Quest #064 Turn In Your Badges - Swinedimples Academy

Turn in your badges start location

Quest Requirements: Collect 5 badges from enemies in different areas

Quest Pre-Requirements: Have 100 Points in Sword Skill Tree & Side Quest #063 Complete

Reward: Swordcraft in Summary and Gigagash ability

This quest is the second one given to you by the man in the Swinedimples Academy church. If you need a reminder where he is or you haven't completed Side Quest #063 follow the link to head over to that guide first.

For this quest you need to collect five badges from enemies in different locations throughout the game. You'll need to go to 5 areas in a specific order and defeat enemies there until you get a notice of quest credit after a battle, as shown below.

Badge acquired

Once you've gotten quest credit move to the next location. From my experience it only took five to ten battles at each location for me to find the badge - but maybe I was lucky! Below is a list of each of the five different locations that you need to visit, in order.

1. Bloomingdale
2. Gleeba
3. Angel Falls
4. Coffinwell
5. Swinedimples Academy

After collecting all five badges return to Marco and turn in the quest. That's all there is to it!





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