Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen Guides and Walkthroughs

One of the side quests that appears in almost every Dragon Quest game in the series is the Mini Medal one. These medals are typically found in towns or friendly areas and they're almost always turned in to an NPC sitting on a lone island - this game is no different. In the northeastern portion of the map you'll find a location called Minikin's Dominion.

In Minikin's Dominion you'll find a man sitting atop a throne named King Minikin (shown in the screen shot below). Each time you want to turn in your collected Mini Medals for a reward, you will want to come and speak with this guy. Starting at 15 Mini Medals, for every 5 - 10 that you collect and turn in to the king you'll receive a new reward with the best reward being a Gringham Whip.


Mini Medals - Reward

15 - Strength Ring
20 - Ruby of Protection
25 - Magical Skirt
30 - Staff of Divine Wrath
34 - Conjuration Bracer
38 - Miracle Sword
43 - Happy Hat
47 - Mighty Armlet
52 - Liquid Metal Shield
60 - Gringham Whip