Beyblade: Metal Fusion Guides and Walkthroughs

Beyblade: Metal Fusion is the second Beyblade video game for Nintendo DS based on the Beyblade: Metal Fusion anime. It was released in North America on November 9, 2010, Japan on December 3, 2009, Europe on November 12, 2010, and Australia on November 12, 2010. It is published and developed by Hudson. It is rated E for Everyone for Mild Fantasy Violence.

Gingka Hagane, along with his Storm Pegasus, has entered himself in the "Nosferatu Boy Beyblading Tournament". However, this tournament is mysterious because when Bladers lose their matches, they find themselves devoid of energy and unable to get off the ground. Gingka is enraged by this idea for Beyblading and resolves to find the mad villain responsible for this and bring him/her to justice.


Beyblade: Metal Fusion Action Replay Codes (USA)

Beyblade: Metal Fusion Action Replay Codes (Europe)