Zelda: Ocarina of Time Gameshark Codes

This page here will share minor tidbits, tricks, cheats and hints about Zelda: Ocarina of Time. As with many of the other guides on my website these are designed to be very google friendly. If you're stuck, and googling to to get done a certain part of the game, that's hopefully how you found this guide!


Bottle 1 Contains Red Potion: 8011A656 0015

Bottle 1 Contains Green Potion: 8011A656 0016

Bottle 1 Contains Blue Potion: 8011A656 0017

Bottle 1 Contains Bottled Fairy: 8011A656 0018

Bottle 1 Contains Fish: 8011A656 0019

Bottle 1 Contains Lon Lon Milk: 8011A656 001A

Bottle 1 Contains Letter: 8011A656 001B

Bottle 1 Contains Blue Fire: 8011A656 001C

Bottle 1 Contains Bug: 8011A656 001D

Bottle 1 Contains Big Poe: 8011A656 001E

Bottle 1 Contains Lon Lon Milk (Half): 8011A656 001F

Bottle 1 Contains Poe: 8011A656 0020


Bottle 2 Contains Red Potion: 8011A657 0015

Bottle 2 Contains Green Potion: 8011A657 0016

Bottle 2 Contains Blue Potion: 8011A657 0017

Bottle 2 Contains Bottled Fairy: 8011A657 0018

Bottle 2 Contains Fish: 8011A657 0019

Bottle 2 Contains Lon Lon Milk: 8011A657 001A

Bottle 2 Contains Letter: 8011A657 001B

Bottle 2 Contains Blue Fire: 8011A657 001C

Bottle 2 Contains Bug: 8011A657 001D

Bottle 2 Contains Big Poe: 8011A657 001E

Bottle 2 Contains Lon Lon Milk (Half): 8011A657 001F

Bottle 2 Contains Poe: 8011A657 0020


Bottle 3 Contains Red Potion: 8011A658 0015

Bottle 3 Contains Green Potion: 8011A658 0016

Bottle 3 Contains Blue Potion: 8011A658 0017

Bottle 3 Contains Bottled Fairy: 8011A658 0018

Bottle 3 Contains Fish: 8011A658 0019

Bottle 3 Contains Lon Lon Milk: 8011A658 001A

Bottle 3 Contains Letter: 8011A658 001B

Bottle 3 Contains Blue Fire: 8011A658 001C

Bottle 3 Contains Bug: 8011A658 001D

Bottle 3 Contains Big Poe: 8011A658 001E

Bottle 3 Contains Lon Lon Milk (Half): 8011A658 001F

Bottle 3 Contains Poe: 8011A658 0020


Bottle 4 Contains Red Potion: 8011A659 0015

Bottle 4 Contains Green Potion: 8011A659 0016

Bottle 4 Contains Blue Potion: 8011A659 0017

Bottle 4 Contains Bottled Fairy: 8011A659 0018

Bottle 4 Contains Fish: 8011A659 0019

Bottle 4 Contains Lon Lon Milk: 8011A659 001A

Bottle 4 Contains Letter: 8011A659 001B

Bottle 4 Contains Blue Fire: 8011A659 001C

Bottle 4 Contains Bug: 8011A659 001D

Bottle 4 Contains Big Poe: 8011A659 001E

Bottle 4 Contains Lon Lon Milk (Half): 8011A659 001F

Bottle 4 Contains Poe: 8011A659 0020