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NFL Blitz 2000 Guides and Walkthroughs

NFL Blitz 2000 is an arcade-style American football video game developed by Midway Games and released for the Nintendo 64 in 1999. It is a sequel to the original NFL Blitz game, offering enhanced features and gameplay improvements.

In NFL Blitz 2000, players control teams of seven players each and engage in fast-paced, exaggerated football matches. The game retains the series' signature style of gameplay, emphasizing quick passes, aggressive tackling, and high-scoring action.

One of the key additions in NFL Blitz 2000 is the inclusion of the "Blitzing" feature, which allows players to perform special moves and power-ups to gain advantages during matches. The game also introduces the "Create-a-Player" mode, allowing players to customize their own football stars.

NFL Blitz 2000 features various game modes, including exhibition matches, tournaments, and a comprehensive season mode where players can lead their team to victory. The game maintains its multiplayer support, enabling intense and competitive matches between friends.



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