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NBA Hang Time Guides and Walkthroughs

NBA Hang Time is a basketball video game released for the Nintendo 64 in 1996. Developed by Midway Games, the same company behind other popular sports titles like NBA Jam, and published by Nintendo, NBA Hang Time offers an arcade-style basketball experience.

In NBA Hang Time, players can choose from a variety of NBA teams and compete in fast-paced, two-on-two basketball matches. The game features exaggerated player animations and moves, including high-flying dunks, alley-oops, and special abilities. It offers both single-player and multiplayer modes, allowing gamers to enjoy competitive basketball action with friends.

With its engaging gameplay and entertaining features, NBA Hang Time captures the excitement and intensity of arcade-style basketball. The game received positive reviews for its fun gameplay mechanics and multiplayer experience, making it a beloved title among basketball and video game enthusiasts alike.



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