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Mischief Makers Guides and Walkthroughs

Mischief Makers is a side-scrolling platform video game developed by Treasure Co. Ltd and published by Enix for the Nintendo 64 console. It was released in North America in 1997 and later in other regions. In Mischief Makers, players assume the role of Marina, an ultra-advanced robotic maid on a mission to rescue her creator, Professor Theo, who has been abducted by the Emperor of Planet Clancer. The game features a unique gameplay style that combines platforming, puzzle-solving, and intense action sequences.

Players navigate Marina through various levels, using her ability to grab, shake, and throw objects and enemies to progress. The game's levels are filled with traps, obstacles, and enemies that Marina must overcome using her acrobatic skills and special moves. Mischief Makers stands out for its colorful graphics, quirky characters, and challenging gameplay. It received praise for its innovative mechanics and fast-paced action, making it a cult classic among Nintendo 64 enthusiasts.



Mischief Makers Gameshark Codes (USA)