Golden Eye 007 Gameshark Codes

           This page here will share minor tidbits, tricks, cheats and hints about Golden Eye 007. As with many of the other guides on my website these are designed to be very google friendly. If you're stuck, and googling to to get done a certain part of the game, that's hopefully how you found this guide!


Extra Ammo: 80030B28 0042

Weak Enemies: 8002CE48 0048

Enable Select Mission Cheat: 8002A901 0001

Enable Multi Cheat: 8002A905 0001

All Agent Levels Enabled: 80036FB3 0001

All Levels Enabled: 80036FB7 0001

All Objectives Completed: 80036FD3 0001

Slow Enemies: 8002C901 0011

Graffiti on Walls: 800214DF 0001

Fractals: 800218DF 0001

Picasso Mode/Fractals: 800211BF FFFF

Glitchy Graphics When Moving: 800211BF 0001

Holes in Walls: 800212DF 0001

Infra-Blue Goggles: 8002114F 00FF

Red Enemies & Berserk Graphics: 8002114E 0001

Cracks in Walls: 800212DF 0001

Backgrounds & Text Only: 800211CF 0001

Different Wall Designs: 800213BA 0006

Red Enemies & Red Bond: 8002115B FFFF

Multi-Player Option Enabled: 80067CAA 000F

Invisible to Computer: 800364C7 0000

Walk Through Doors & Objects: 800364CB 0000

Line Mode On: 80036FAB 0001

Enemies Don't Agro From Far: 800370C2 0001

Shrink Enemies: 80051D91 0001

Larger Enemies: 80051D91 00FF

Enemies Confused: 80053721 0001

Enemies Act Irratically: 80052A68 00FF

Weapons Have No Gravity: 80052AA4 0030

Negative Gravity For Weapons: 80052AA4 00C0

Maximum Visability: 800214CF 0018

Somewhat X-ray Vision: 80021882 0030

Bouncing Weapons: 80052AA8 00FF

Bouncing Enemies: 80051D21 0001

Freeze All Enemies Dead: 8002C905 00FF

Freeze All Enemies Alive: 8002C90C 00FF

Fast Enemies: 8002C901 00FF

No Music: 8001BE73 0053

Shrink Tank: 8003AFB1 0001

Full Control of Gun: 800550D4 003D

Increase Gun Movement Range: 80055169 00E0

Gun Recoil Increased: 80054179 00C0

Big Gun Shells: 80054408 003E

Tank Still Able to Move Around in Runway: 8103AFB0 3E80

Tank Still Able to Move Around in Streets: 8103AFB0 3E2D

Big Enemies: 81051D90 3EFF



Master Control Menu (Hold C Up + C Down)

81036F6C 0000
81036F6E 0002
D0064F31 000C
80024303 0001


Rainbow Spectrum Graphics

8002114F 0001
8002114B 0001
8002114D 0001


Bulletproof Bond

8002CE44 0030
80030B20 0030


Enemy Cannot Aim

8002CE40 0030
80030B1C 0030


Gold Mode (Everything Shiny & Gold)

8102143C 3FF0
8102144E 0000


Moon Gravity

80052AA4 003D
80052AA5 0080


Extra Moon Gravity

80052AA4 003D
80052AA5 0001


See Full Level

80044E11 0001
80044E91 0001
80044EC9 0001
80044F49 00FF
80045001 0001
80045039 0001
800450F1 00FF
800451A9 0001
80045261 0001
800452E1 0001
80045319 0001
800453D1 0001
80045451 00FF
80045489 0001
80023255 00FF
80023259 00FF
80023281 00FF
80023285 00FF
800214CF 0018










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