Gex 64: Enter the Gecko Guides and Walkthroughs

Gex: Enter the Gecko is a platform game released in 1998 for the PlayStation, the Nintendo 64, Microsoft Windows, and the Game Boy Color. It is the second game in the Gex series and involves collecting three types of remotes to unlock different TVs in the hub world that lead to levels, and to aid in the fight once again against Rez. The eponymous gecko protagonist is voiced by Dana Gould in the American version, Leslie Phillips in the European release, and Mitsuo Senda in the Japanese release.

Gex's move set includes a flying karate, kicktail whip attack, and a tail bounce. His ability to climb some walls and ceilings is a quality borrowed from the real-life gecko on which Gex is based. Gex may use his tail whip around levels to break small TV sets that contain different colored flies, which, when consumed, can add 1 extra HP, add an extra life, temporarily unlock additional moves, or mark a checkpoint in the level, if the player runs out of health.


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