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Zelda the Twilight Princess was the second Zelda game released for the Gamecube and it was the follow up to the Wind Waker. For this Zelda they took all the criticism they received from the Wind Waker's graphics and gave us the Zelda we had anticipated since Ocarina of Time.

This game has its flaws, the story is greatly lacking for one - barely anything (including the side character's motives) is explained and the controls are a bit lacking; but the game itself is absolutely marvelous.

Zelda Twilight Princess Title Screen

The Twilight Princess is no different when it comes to the Zelda franchise and the amount of collectibles and side quests. In this game you'll find a total of 45 pieces of heart, 24 Golden Bugs, 60 Poes and if you're playing the Wii HD remake there's also Hylian Stamps for you to collect.

Below you'll find guides for all of the collectibles except the Hylian Stamps. These Twilight Princess guides were made on the Nintendo Gamecube therefore I had no stamps in my version. Also those playing on the Wii HD remake will find their maps reversed from mine. It's a minor annoyance but I make up for it with the amount of information I give for finding what you're after.

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Piece of Heart Small IconPieces of Heart Locations & Guides

Heart Container Acquired

There are 45 Pieces of Heart for you to find in Zelda The Twilight Princess. There are two in every dungeon and the rest are spread out across the world. Some hidden; some involved in different minigames. There's far too many to list here so you'll have to head on over to my guide and check it out!

Continue reading for a step by step walkthrough for each Piece of Heart

Male Golden MantisGolden Bugs Map Locations & Guides

Golden Grasshoppers Map Location

There are a total of 24 Golden Bugs for you to find in Twilight Princess. They're turned in to Agitha in Castle Town for Rupees as well as Wallet Upgrades. A majority of the bugs are located in Hyrule Field but some are found more off the beaten path. My guides have a map location for each bug; a general map for each area that there are bugs as well as step by step walkthroughs for anything left unanswered.

Continue reading for map locations and a step by step walkthrough for for finding all 24 Golden Bugs

Poe Souls Map Locations & Guides

There are 60 Poe Souls for you to collect in Twilight Princess. 5 of them are required for game progression but the other 55 are hidden around the world and can only be found while it's night! Your reward for collecting 20 Poes is the final Empty Bottle. Collecting all 60 will reward you with the means of gaining unlimited Rupees.

Continue reading for a step by step walkthrough for each Poe Soul as well as map locations

Optional Bomb Bags Walkthroughs & Locations

In the Twilight Princess there are a total of 2 optional Bomb Bags and 1 Bomb Bag Capacity Upgrade for you to find. All of these side quests involve Zora's Domain or Zora's River and are fairly easy for you to complete. You'll first need to have made it up to the Lakebed Temple for these quests to be available to you.

Click here for a step by step walkthrough for the Bomb Bag Upgrades

Howling Stone Combinations & Walkthroughs

Howling Stones are hidden across the world and start a side quest for a special ability when you successfully howl the tune. There are a total of 6 Howling Stones for you to find in the game (7 if you count the introduction one) spread out across the entire world. My guide covers each of their locations as well as gives you pictures to help you get the right pitch for each song.

Continue reading for a step by step walkthrough for each Howling Stone

Empty Bottles Locations & Information

If you couldn't already guess there are a total of four Empty Bottles for you to collect in the Twilight Princess. Empty Bottles are a staple of the Zelda series, allowing the player to carry around an assortment of different consumables as well as the occasional quest item.

Empty BottleFirst Empty Bottle: Given to you in Ordon Village after you catch your first(Wii U) or second (Gamecube) fish.

Empty BottleSecond Empty Bottle: The first time you purchase Lantern Oil you'll be given a bottle.

Empty BottleThird Empty Bottle: Found in Hena's Fishing Hole about midway through the game after lifting the Twilight from the Lanayru Province.

Empty BottleFourth Empty Bottle: Obtained from collecting 20 Poe Souls which is one of the main sidequests of Twilight Princess.

Continue reading for a step by step walkthrough on obtaining each Empty Bottle

Quiver Capacity Upgrades

There are two Quiver Capacity upgrades for you to get in Twilight Princess. Both of these take place in Castle Town and the first one becomes available after you complete Lakebed Temple and have the Clawshot. This will upgrade your capacity to 60. The second upgrade is available after you complete City in the Sky and will increase your capacity to 100.

Continue reading for more information on Quiver Capacity Upgrades

Magic Armor