HM07 Waterfall Guide - Pokemon Fire Red & Leaf Green

HM07 Waterfall is found on Island #4, Floe Island and can't be obtained until after the player beats The Elite Four for the first time and completes the side quest for access to Island #4. Once you have access to Island #4, obtaining HM07 Waterfall is a pretty trivial matter.

Inside the Icefall Cave, after you pass by the entry room with the waterfall you'll notice that just to the right of the entrance, but out of reach, is a Pokeball. This is actually HM07 Waterfall - but we're going to need to go through the cave first to reach it.

I'm not going to go into a lot of detail on how to tackle this dungeon, but I'll give you a big tip. You're going to need to break the ice on the ground and fall through the holes in order to reach this HM.




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