Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga - Have Armor CodeBreaker Codes (USA)

This page contains CodeBreaker cheat codes for Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga (USA). If you're playing on an emulator you can usually input codes very easily by accessing a tab off the top of the toolbar. Anyone playing on a physical Gameboy will need to purchase a physical CodeBreaker device to use these codes.

If you're using an emulator and still can't figure out how to setup these codes, you're in luck! There's two common emulators for GBA games, the mGBA and VisualBoy Advance. Follow the link provided for the emulator you're using to be taken to a guide explaining how to get these codes working.

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Enable All Armor Slots
This code needs to be active for the following codes to work.

4200494A 6363
00000017 0002


Have Work Pants: 320049CA 0000

Have Work Jeans: 320049CB 0001

Have Bean Trousers: 320049CC 0002

Have Bean Pants: 320049CD 0003

Have Parasol Pants: 320049CE 0004

Have Blue Jeans: 320049CF 0005

Have Heart Jeans: 320049D0 0006

Have Hard Pants: 320049D1 0007

Have #1 Trousers: 320049D2 0008

Have Plaid Trousers: 320049D3 0009

Have Shroom Pants: 320049D4 000A

Have Safety Slacks: 320049D5 000B

Have Shroom Slacks: 320049D6 000C

Have Shroom Bells: 320049D7 000D

Have Mushwin Pants: 320049D8 000E

Have Peachy Pants: 320049D9 000F

Have Scandal Jeans: 320049DA 0010

Have Mushluck Pants: 320049DB 0011

Have Tropic Slacks: 320049DC 0012

Have Street Jeans: 320049DD 0013

Have Beanstar Pants: 320049DE 0014

Have Hermetic Pants: 320049DF 0015

Have Queen B.Jeans: 320049E0 0016

Have Peasley Slacks: 320049E1 0017

Have Heart Slacks: 320049E2 0018

Have B.Brand Jeans: 320049E3 0019

Have Bubble's Gear: 320049E4 001A

Have Casual Slacks: 320049E5 001B

Have Smart Pants: 320049E6 001C

Have Cuckola Pants: 320049E7 001D

Have Oho Jee Wear: 320049E8 001E

Have School Slacks: 320049E9 001F

Have Casual Coral: 320049EA 0020

Have Oho Gear: 320049EB 0021

Have Anuboo Jeans: 320049EC 0022

Have Piranha Suit: 320049ED 0023

Have Heavy Slacks: 320049EE 0024

Have Ancient Pants: 320049EF 0025

Have Harhall's Pants: 320049F0 0026

Have Light Slacks: 320049F1 0027

Have Wool Trousers: 320049F2 0028

Have Jeanie Jeans: 320049F3 0029

Have Jeaniest Jeans: 320049F4 002A

Have Random Slacks: 320049F5 002B

Have Iron Pants: 320049F6 002C

Have Safe Guard: 320049F7 002D