Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Guides and Walkthroughs

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius is a video game based on the same Nickelodeon film and was released in North America on November 7th, 2001, for the Game Boy Advance handheld system. 

In this game, our genius boy Jimmy is attempting to finish his latest invention: a phone booth that will teleport him to various odd locations, including Area 51, Retroville locations, and also outer-space! However, Jimmy is missing some parts required for the teleportation device to be completed. To his dismay, The Yokians are secretly trying to destroy him and all his friends!

Carl accidentally finds a part essential to Jimmy's device (a red neutron) entirely by accident when repeatedly touching Jimmy's inventions while being asked not to.

Jimmy then frantically goes around town attempting to find all the missing pieces when his friends Carl, Cindy, and Ms. Fowl are suddenly kidnapped by the Yokians. Jimmy must then complete his invention by covering the entire town, searching for the tools necessary to save his friends.

Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius Title Screen

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