Jazz Jack Rabbit Guides and Walkthroughs

Jazz Jackrabbit was developed by the company "Game Titan" and published by Jaleco under license from Epic Games. Epic Games had no involvement in this game's production besides licensing the character, so this game is not canon. It's the third and final game in the Jazz Jackrabbit series and was released in North America on December 22, 2002.

During a routine mission, the game starts as Jazz is captured by the Chameleon army on their home planet. Once he escapes, Jazz decides to retire from his job but is forbidden from doing so by R.A.B.T. H.Q., who gives him a new mission to check out a Saurian attack while promising a sizeable monetary reward upon the mission's success.

Jazz finds out that the Turtle Army is behind the attack. Once he follows them, he discovers his old nemesis, "Dark Shell," whom he believed dead and sought revenge on him for his previous defeat.

Jazz Jack Rabbit  Title Screen

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