Hot Wheels: Burnin' Rubber Guides and Walkthroughs

Hot Wheels: Burnin' Rubber is played with a third-person perspective set behind the player's vehicle. The game features 25 playable vehicles based on a Hot Wheels toy car from 2000 to 2001. Each vehicle is individually rated in categories of acceleration, handling, and top speed. The player begins with five vehicles, while the other 20 must be unlocked. The player can earn money during races. The player can use the money to fine-tune the chosen vehicle with upgrades such as brakes, computer chips, engines, mufflers, rear ends, suspension, and tires in between races. The game includes 16 race tracks set in various locations, including a beach, a desert, a casino, a pond, a dining table, a piano, and a bathroom.

Hot Wheels: Burnin' Rubber includes four gameplay modes. In Grand Prix mode, the player must advance through races set in each game's locations. During this mode, new vehicles and courses are unlocked for use in other modes. In Cup Select, the player races against others to win a championship cup. In Free Race, the player is allowed to freely drive around any chosen track. In Time Trial, the player must beat certain time limits for an opportunity to unlock new vehicles. The player's progress is saved to the game's built-in battery. The game also includes a two-player option that requires the system's Game Link Cable.

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