Gunstar Super Heroes Guides and Walkthroughs

Gunstar Super Heroes (Gunstar Future Heroes in Europe) is a Game Boy Advance video game developed by Treasure and published by Sega. The Treasure had previously worked on the console with the likes of Astro Boy: Omega Factor, which featured similar gameplay, though this new game featured more intense action and more of a challenge that the developer is known for. Gunstar Super Heroes is a sequel to Gunstar Heroes, which was released on the Sega Genesis long before this game was released.

Gunstar Heroes was the company's first game, and, surprisingly, it took them so long to create a sequel. To page homage to the original game, some of the locales are similar. Even some of the game's bosses will remind players of the original. The developers, however, have made the enemies this time around much more menacing looking than before, possibly due to the increased power of the GBA.

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