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Golden Sun Djinni Locations Walkthrough

Djinni Acquired

In Golden Sun one of the main ways for you to deal damage & protect yourself during battle is through the use of Djinni. These are magical creatures that you collect throughout the game - usually one per area that you visit. Each Djinni does something different and there are two ways for you to use them during battle, both of which explained to you at the start of the game.

This guide is going to cover each Djinni in order that it becomes available for you to collect. That means that you can follow this guide while playing the game and it will allow you to get every Djinni as it becomes available without missing any of them. Below is a quick list of the name of every Djinni you come across in the order that you come across them.

Djinni 1: Flint (Venus)
Djinni 2: Forge (Mars)
Djinni 3: Gust (Jupiter)
Djinni 4: Granite (Venus)
Djinni 5: Breeze (Jupiter)
Djinni 6: Fever (Mars)
Djinni 7: Fizz (Mercury)
Djinni 8: Sleet (Mercury)
Djinni 9: Zephyr (Jupiter)

Djinni 10: Quartz (Venus)
Djinni 11: Mist (Mercury)
Djinni 12: Corona (Mars)
Djinni 13: Spritz (Mercury)
Djinni 14: Smog (Jupiter)
Djinni 15: Vine (Venus)
Djinni 16: Scorch (Mars)
Djinni 17: Sap (Venus)
Djinni 18: Kite (Jupiter)
Djinni 19: Ember (Mars)

Djinni 20: Hail (Mercury)
Djinni 21: Ground (Venus)
Djinni 22: Squall (Jupiter)
Djinni 23: Tonic (Mercury)
Djinni 24: Flash (Suhalla)
Djinni 25: Bane (Venus)
Djinni 26: Dew (Mercury)
Djinni 27: Torch (Mars)
Djinni 28: Luff (Jupiter)

I've split this guide into three different parts because the amount of pictures that you'd be required to load with it all on a single page would be too high for Mobile or Tablet users. You can access each page by clicking on the Djinni you want to know more about above or you can follow the links below to each guide instead. The choice is yours.


Djinni Locations 1 - 9

Djinni Locations 10 - 19

Djinni Locations 20 - 28